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Never Change Your Objective, Just Your Approach

Never Change Your Objective, Just Your Approach

How many us when we were young wanted to go to Six Flags or Disneyland. Now, imagine that a group asked for a large volunteer of people to visit one of the parks. This trip would be totally paid for because they need to survey the park.  The entire two week vacation including food, games, clothing, hotel, and anything you do during that time would be paid for by the company. The catch is that everybody will have get to the park by their own means. If your bringing a very large family, some might go by train, by car, and some by bus.  Do you think that any of them will decide not to take this fantastic trip due to the mode of transportation?  Of course not.

I feel it’s the same when achieving anything worthwhile. Your accomplishment does not depend on the method on which you arrive, as long as your method is ethical, legal, and moral.  No matter what vehicle you use to reach your goals in life, your accomplishment you set will still be the same. The real importance is how you grew along the way.  For example, I didn’t reach my destination in the first business vehicle I was in years ago, yet I grew in a way that taught me the importance to learn everyday, and to stay in Consistent Action which I apply today.

Achieving your goal is almost always based on how well you can overcome challenges along the way, rather than trying to plan a path which is obstacle free.  I’m sorry, but nobody’s life is a smooth sailing.  People who do all this type of planning for a "smooth sailing life", go through a lot of procrastination and very little progress. They believe they are doing productive work, yet they are just trying to prevent the unpreventable events in their life. So work with what you’ve got, when you have got it. That is the power of NOW.

The only way anyone can hope to achieve something is to first begin.  I do agree that planning is important, yet focus on the Dream, and you’ll figure out your actions necessary to get from Point A to Point B. Imagine your goal is at the end of the alphabet, Point Z. Your first goal is to break your goal into steps. This way you can focus on getting to A instead of Z. 

Remember to allows stay in action mode, even if you make a mistake. Action mode is doing something that is proactive toward your goal and not just a activity like reading a book, even though that is important. By persistently doing proactive things, while making adjustments as you go, you'll improve your chances of arriving. This is better than no action and planning your route.

'If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing badly.' - GK Chesterton What this means is anything worth doing is worth doing poorly - until you can learn to do it well.

Your Dream and passion creates action, leads to more enthusiastic emotional involvement, strengthens your commitment, and pumps up the momentum, which boost your Dream again. It's a continuing circle of energy. It also keeps you on track so you can knock down any obstacle in your way.

A great method to reach your goal is to follow a proven system in which someone has reach the same destination.  The person or people which create the steps have already went through this journey and now have shown you the direction without having to make adjustments over and over.  We see this with Weight Loss, Marketing Strategies, and so much more.

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