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The Fisherman

The Fisherman

Article From Freedom

Have you ever gone on a great fishing experience. Fishing is an art. Honing your skills as a fisherman can mean the difference between bringing in a bountiful catch and spending the day out on the lake with nothing to show for your efforts than a great suntan.
Being children of our Heavenly Father, it’s inherent that we take on some of His personality traits. One of these traits is outlined in Matthew 4:19 where Jesus says to His disciples “Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men“.
I feel this applies to more than just Share our Lords Word.  Let’s look at my Metaphor of “The Fisherman”.
Something that I found is you needed five different things to make it work.  These are the Fisherman, the Fishing Rod, Fishing Location, Your Bait, and of course the Fish.
Which of these five do you believe is the most important to this fishing trip?
Imagine having the greatness fishing location, the best Fishing Rod, the Greatest Bait, and the most Hungry Fish, yet you are still relaxing in the cabin.  Are you going to catch any fish.  Of course not.  All five of these must work together.
Now, let’s apply this to someone’s business.  The Fisherman is, of course, the Business owner.  The Fishing Rod is the system that you are using to build your business.  Your Fishing Location is where your choose to market.  Your Bait is your Product or Products, while the Fish are potential customers.
The best fisherman in the world have four traits in common.  These people are curious, consistent, persistent and good note-takers.  These are great traits for a business owner.  Just like for the first of the Disciples, these traits help make them great ‘fishers of man’.  Yet, these business owners are looking for people to help with their products or system.
The Attributes of a Good Fisherman:

  • He’s prepared. When a fishing trip is planned, good fishermen make sure their tackle box is well stocked with all the tools they will need for a successful day out on the lake.
  • He rises early in the morning. The good fisherman is well rested and motivated to succeed. No one rises early in the morning to fail. He arrives at his fishing hole at day break well prepared for a good days catch.
  • He’s very quiet. The last thing the good fisherman wants to do after all the preparation he’s made is to scare the fish away. So he sets his bait out and he sits in his boat out on the lake and he quietly waits for a bite.
  • He anticipates. When the good fisherman gets a nibble on his line, he’s aware of it. He readily sits and waits just a little while longer for his opportunity.
  • The nibble becomes a bite. The silence out on the lake is broken when the good fisherman gets a bite. The fish has taken the bait and the good fisherman knows exactly how to reel it in. The good fisherman knows how to use his tools. He knows when to pull on his rod and when to give the fish a little slack in order to successfully reel in the catch.

Now looking at the attributes above, I just change the wording to a business view.  I, of course, am not going to put “one line into the water” and wait for a lead.  I use the Internet with my business.  I blog daily.  Each time I post a blog, I am throwing thousands of fishing lines into the water. I still don’t wait for that line, I blog again, yet in a different location.  That what is so great about the Internet. I don’t have to wait for a “Fish” to bite, before I cast my next time out.

My pond is just outside my door. The moment I step outside or get online.