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What is Wealth?

What is Wealth?

Wealth is defined as the an abundance of valuable possessions. Yet, over the centuries these possessions have changed.  Yes, Gold always been one and money only has value because we say it does.  So, what else gave people wealth?

Over 300 years ago, Land was considers the greatest gross of wealth.  During the Mid-1800’s, the new wealth became factories.  Today, Wealth is found in Information.

It is not just information yet Timely information.  Yet, the world today is so different than just 5 years ago. Information flows at a blink of an eye.  To take advantage of this speed, you need a vehicle that can share your information that fast.

The Internet and Social Media is the fastest way to get your Message to the world.  You don’t need to wait a year to publish a book, you can post it to Facebook, Bebee,  or Instagram in seconds.  Another great method is blogging.  Here you can Brand yourself and your message can reach far more people in a timely manner.

Yet, everything today is also teaching yourself.  I have found that when someone is ahead of me in something, they know something that I don’t.  It is not because they worked harder, just smarter.  So never stop learning.  I was always told from youth still to today to “Go to school, get good grades, and find a safe and secure job.” In the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, Robert’s "Rich Dad" tells him to “Mind His Own Business”.

What he meant was if you want to be successful in life and win at the game of money, you need to “mind your own business” by continually learning and adapting.  What you are doing in your business today may work, but with time change will come and you must be willing to adjust. Tomorrow, wealth may be something different to mankind, so we must always keep learning.  They don’t teach this at school.

For example, the timely information that I would like to share with you is Deregulation of Energy. This is a whole other topic. If this interest you, CLICK HERE.

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@Mohammed A. Jawad Great insight. Thanks

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Aha...if at all we can give pivotal pondering, pesevering pauses and plausible perceptions, then the wealth of right information will make us rich.

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