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What Might Separate You From Success

What Might Separate You From Success

I was recently listening to an audio and the speaker spoke of a different type of motivation that I have used before in my life, yet don’t talk about as much.

First, if you are reading this then you have probably been on a webinar, recorded training or had a session with a mentor who was successful. While listening, you thought to yourself, “I already know this” and yet still got excited. You feel pretty good about yourself and how much you know, and you want to take action with your goals.

Then…Life happens and the next thing you know, another week has gone by and you’re back where you were before.

It’s tough to fall back into the daily grind. The life of an entrepreneur can be a roller coaster ride of emotions, especially after the high of a great "mastermind session" with a great guest speaker or just being with other successful friends. You just got that emotional high.

The only thing you can do to cure that down fall is to get in action mode. Pick up the phone, reach out to someone, do a video, put on a webinar or do the things to reach whatever your goal is. For example, I began writing this article moments after listening to a great teaching. Tonight, is another one of those nights I am not going to bed til a late hour just because I so excited. I need to use this excitement and put it into action.

If you’re like most, you run into resistance, when it comes to activity. Sometimes you tell yourself, “It works for others”, “Getting ready to get ready”, “I’ll get that done tomorrow” or “As soon as I learn 'This'”

When resistance wins, it typically tells you one thing… You are comfortable where you are.

In order to reach success and because it looks different to everyone, you must first define what your success looks like. In the audio I listened to, during part of the teaching the speaker told this story:

There was an old farmer that loved to sit on his porch with his 13 year old Beagle. One day, a door to door salesman came up to the farmer’s house to speak to him about insurance, when he noticed the Beagle sitting on the porch by the steps. He was making these sounds, kind of like a low pitched moaning. As much as the salesman tried to ignore it, he couldn’t. Finally, he asked “Mister, what’s wrong with your dog?”
The farmer replied “He’s sitting on a nail.”
The salesman, kind of confused said “Why doesn’t he just get up and move?”
Defining moment – The farmer replied “The pain of sitting where he is, isn’t enough to get him to move.”

Sometimes it is not the Dream that is needed to get us moving, yet the Heat from our pain in our trails. I believe everybody knows what they want in life. The most successful people I know did not have a huge defining moment when their life was at their pike. Yet it was when they could no longer take the pain any more. It was at that moment, they focused on their Dream. Before that moment, their Dream was merely a Wish.

I, myself, did not begin my journey because of a dream. I began because the pain was to much. Yet, that is another story.

So many people are to comfortable with their pain to move. So like the dog in this story, they change nothing in their lives, go on living, and moan.

It’s time to get off the nail, get off the porch and get into action to create the Network Marketing Success you deserve. You can create the life you love and love the life you live. 


Preston 🐝 Vander Ven 13/11/2017 · #9

#8 @🐝 Fatima G. Williams Thanks. I agree with you. I also believe we can create the life we love and love the life we live if in God's will. What I mean by this, is we are still all part of a larger picture.

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🐝 Fatima G. Williams 12/11/2017 · #8

Get up and get going :) Precisely what I believe in "You can create the life you love and love the life you live" Thank you for this great buzz

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Jerry Fletcher 12/11/2017 · #7

#5 Preston, There was a lot more to Reagan than he is generally credited with. Sad the way things ended for him.

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Preston 🐝 Vander Ven 12/11/2017 · #6

#4 Thanks for your words and your share @Savvy Raj

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Preston 🐝 Vander Ven 12/11/2017 · #5

#2 @Jerry Fletcher, good point. I read that Ronald Regan once said Status quo just means 'the mess we're in'. Once our mess is at a point were are uncomfortable, we will take action.

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Savvy Raj 11/11/2017 · #4

Great post by @Preston 🐝 Vander Ven..To get up and get going!

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Preston 🐝 Vander Ven 11/11/2017 · #3

#1 I am glad you enjoyed it @Debasish Majumder. Thanks for your support.

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Jerry Fletcher 11/11/2017 · #2

Preston, Wonderful insight and absolutely accurate. It takes a change in the status quo to get into action.

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