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Who’s Dream are You Building?

Who’s Dream are You Building?

I once heard a quote that was very powerful, “If you don’t build your Dream, someone else will hire you to build theirs.”

When I heard this I found that most of my heart wasn’t in my own dream, yet at my job.  While I’m at work, I may be creating an income to help my family, yet I’m building someone elses dream.  So, Does this mean I should quit my job? Of course not, I just need to change my mind set.

The most important step is to ask yourself is “What is my Dream?” What do you want.  After you are done reading this blog, write down not just your goals, yet a date you want to achieve them by.  Without a date, you can not create a plan.  If you don’t have a destination, the best GPS in the world will not matter.

I have a vehicle that may help reach your goals.  Watch the video in the link below to learn how to be your own business owner.  Now, this is a real business.  If you treat it like a “Hobby” you will get “Hobby” results, and if you treat it like a “Business”, you will get “Business” results.  Your business will be 80% emotion and 20% intellect.  Your Dream is your fire or fuel.

So the question is who’s Dream is bigger, yours or your bosses’?

Have fun and Put your Dreams in front of you. Get pictures, write them down, and let’s begin.