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Working Hard vs Working Smart

Working Hard vs Working Smart

I hear the phrase are you “working hard or working smart” a lot these day.  Yet, a feel to be successful in your goals you need to both. I’ll explain.

I am going to use an example of Marketing. Most people are bringing their companies to the Internet for the purpose of leads that turn into customers or sales.  There are 2 ways for you to do this: 1) Paid Advertisements, or 2) You Market Yourself.

Both of these are Smart Methods, yet paid advertisement takes the revenue or investments that you already have and you are taking a gamble and only works if you have the gross.  You are paying for a click for a view.  So, until you know what you are doing I don’t suggest this method.

Now, when you do the Marketing yourself online, this is only works if you work hard and work smart together.  The working hard is your making content to Value. You can do this through blogging, videos, podcast, images, and audios.  Your goal is to give them something they can put into immediate action.
The Working Smart is how you share it on the internet.  This comes to choosing your SEO Keywords, your Title, visuals, links to your other pages.  You may sometimes put more time into this part than your actual content, because each Social Media site is different.  So you need to tailor each of your post to wherever you are going to post.

There are both Active and Passive Methods to market yourself. I will go in go detail in later articles on both.  

Remember, Paid Advertisement is only once.  You paid your fee and got your reward. Yet, once you post something yourself onto the internet, it is there forever.  It’s like writing a book.  Do the hard work once and if your smart and market it right, the book do the work you.  It’s the same with a good blog post, or video.  Do your hard work to make it, when work smart to tailor it to where you are going to post it. This may even take longer than making your content, but once you post it, that blog or video is now working for you as a free employee 24 hours a day.  So, imagine having 100 employees working for you for free.

So, It takes both consistent hard and smart work