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Have You Been Feeling Very Tired Lately?

Have You Been Feeling Very Tired Lately?

Have you felt unable to pull yourself out of the bed, lately? The sun's up, you have millions of things to do which you ACTUALLY want to do. But your body and mind just tells you to hit snooze for a couple of hours more. What do you do?

Tiredness and inability to stick to a routine could be because of a number of things. It could be health issues such as insomnia, anemia, issues with thyroid, and many more. But there is certainly a non-bodily issue that has been increasing the problem of fatigue, manifold, these days.

Are you sleeping enough?

On an average, an adult needs 7 - 9 hours of sleep. Given our daily work routines, we cannot negotiate the time we wake up much. What remains in our our hands in how early we hit the bed and and how peacefully we transition to the world of sleep. 

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I use the word transition. The reason is, we all take some time before we actually fall asleep. Some of us take this time to introspect, some would like to read a book, some like to meditate (by far the best option), and I guess most of us like to watch a show or do some social networking on our phone before we fall asleep. 

It is this last option that is really very bad. For those of us who have such busy schedules that don't allow even an iota of entertainment throughout the day (not even a face-to-face conversation with a fellow human) we might feel the need to indulge in binge watching some TV series at night or catching up with our friends on the other side of the world for a quick chat. 

There is nothing wrong with the intention of doing so except the route we take to connect. The Mobile Phone a.k.a The Smartphone. The smart phone is smart enough to keep us captivated with its cool internet connectivity making us feel so cozy and virtually connected to everyone. Alas! the blue light that is being emitted from your smart device is doing more damage to you than you can fathom. 

I found this amazing that does the explaining part much better and is more impactful.

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If we are not transitioning into sleep in a peaceful and quiet manner, then it not only affects our sleep at night but the following day, as well. We need to work at maximum efficiency and optimize. A conscious effort on our part can do wonders to our body and mind. 

Meditate, read a book (Kindle is totally fine), just lie down and introspect. Keep you phone at arm's length. If you don't like the idea, just try it out for a couple of days and see if it is working for you. But when you do try it, even for a couple of days, do so with conviction. Following this practice when you don't believe in it, might not really fetch a lot of benefits, as your self-introspection might turn into thoughts of how much you are missing your phone. Not peaceful, at all. It takes great grit and determination. I wish you all the best!

If you have already given this a shot, please share how it went for you. I would be happy to hear your thoughts and experiences. 

A content writer and marketer by profession, I have a knack for marketing, technology, and languages. When I am not doing anything related to the above three, you will find me on my spiritual quest. For me life is about continuous learning till the end of days. 

My motto: "There is no bigger pleasure than going to bed, everyday, a little bit wiser and happier than you woke up that morning."

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Proma 🐝 Nautiyal 13/11/2017 · #18

#13 So true, @Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador. Thank you for your comment!

Music, its beats and its lyrics, have the power to take us to a different world altogether. Nothing better than losing ourselves in some beautiful lyrics before heading off to sleep. It actually helps remove all other thoughts that preoccupy our minds.

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Proma 🐝 Nautiyal 13/11/2017 · #17

#12 Thank you for the the comment, @David B. Grinberg. That is great advice. I should include this in my post. Listening to music is an extremely relaxing practice, before going to sleep. I guess that is why we have the tradition of singing lullabies to babies, to put them to sleep. Something very intrinsic to how human beings respond to music has the led the way to music being such a great tool to use for unwinding before dozing off. I was introduced to the concept of white noise sometime back and found it to be an effective aid to falling asleep.

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Proma 🐝 Nautiyal 13/11/2017 · #16

#10 So beautifully explained, @Deb🐝 Lange, Brand Ambassador @beBee. It is true. When it comes to pushing ourselves to get more done, we often put our health on a rigorous schedule seldom realizing the adverse impact this routine has on us. We just keep taking things away, sleep, good food, exercise and finally fall prey to a bad lifestyle. I wish we all could give sleep the credit and the time it so truly deserves. Thank you for the read and for the comment!

Proma 🐝 Nautiyal 13/11/2017 · #15

#9 It is an excellent way to wrap up the day with some introspective thoughts. What we did wrong or how could we have handled it better with a calmer and more balanced approach. This could be great for our physical and emotional well being. Going to bed with the mind at peace is a blessing. Thank you for your insightful thoughts, @Harvey Lloyd!

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I listen to music and not necessarily calming music. I can easily get lost in the lyrics, which keeps me from listening to the thoughts going through my mind.

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David B. Grinberg 11/11/2017 · #12

Thanks, Proma, for the excellent information and advice which is critically important to the health and well-being of every person. I agree that it helps a lot to start "shutting down" about an hour prior to one's designated bedtime. That means no electronic devices, as you note, including mobile phones, computers or TV.
Personally, I find that listening to soothing music helps me fall asleep faster and take my mind off the rigors of the day and challenges of tomorrow. The bottom line here is that those who are sleep deprived will fail to function at 100% capacity, which is detrimental to one's work and other life activities. Thus, it just makes good sense to make sleep a priority for a variety of reasons. Lastly, those who just can't get to sleep and/or have insomnia should consult their doctors regarding the appropriate medication to remedy this issue.

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Proma 🐝 Nautiyal 11/11/2017 · #11

#4 Thank you for your comment, @Lisa Vanderburg! I will be very happy if this post can make a difference in someone's life. I am sorry to hear about your insomnia and your husband's Parkinson's Disease. I understand how difficult it is as I have seen people very close to me suffering from the same. Have you tried meditating before going to bed? That is one thing that literally gives me that gentle nudge (more like a push) to fall asleep. Applying slight pressure on parts of your palm and fingers can also help induce sleep by relaxing the nerves. I will get back to you with more information, if you think that could help.