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It's Time to beBee

It's Time to beBee

beBee is the newest addition to the world of social networking. It is a professional networking platform, but with a twist. I, recently joined beBee, and I am going to tell you why I did so. 

When we network online, professionally, we have LinkedIn. Twitter is great for sharing thoughts and opinions in bite-sized manner. Facebook is perfect for connecting with friends and family. But where do you find a place where you can connect with like-minded people and professionals? And when I say connect, I mean share idea through blogs, through posts which anyone can see and comment, and that too mostly, people with similar interests. Till now, I have seen how supportive everyone was of my ideas and perspective, on beBee. I guess if someone did not like a particular post they just don't click on it. There is so much relevant content up there that you don't need to click on a topic that doesn't matter to you. Here are few of the reasons why I think beBee can become the next big social networking platform, very soon. 

1. It combines personal and professional

How awesome is that? One platform, where you showcase your professional prowess and at the same time share your thoughts and ideas about your passions. There will be audience for both there. For example, I am a content marketer and strategist by profession, however, I like to write about reflective topics, as well. I can do them both on beBee. I can post my articles on content marketing and share them with the content marketing groups on beBee (known as hives) and I can post about reflective topics and can share that with the group of creative writers and authors. 

2. It's a two-way street

On one hand, you write your articles and share posts (buzzes) that interest you, on the other hand you have a constant inflow of posts and buzzes from other like-minded individuals. It's like a customized RSS feed coming to you, from organic sources. Since you are sharing your content into groups who are interested and passionate about the same topics as you, you have access to organic audience reach. People who really care about your content. As such, you receive more audience engagement, that means you are being noticed in the industry/area by the right people. 

3. SEO benefits

It takes a lot of effort to build SEO prowess on the internet. With Google changing its algorithms and altering the definition of good SEO methods from time-to-time, beBee helps you ride this change with one of the most basic and important SEO essential: Keywords. When you write on beBee, your articles are tagged with relevant keywords and since beBee enjoys a higher domain authority, they both combine to push your content up in SEO rankings. This counts for a lot.

4. Simple UI

beBee is simple and easy to understand. Each and every step is guided and it hardly takes much time to set up your profile on it. Make sure to complete your profile as much as possible. Personally, I feel comfortable following people with completed profiles as I get to know more about them, and this applies to all social media platforms. The interface is pretty self-explanatory, which makes it easier to navigate through the site.

5. Encouraging members

One of the best part about beBee that got me hooked to it was the encouragement I received from the fellow members of beBee. Unlike LinkedIn or Twitter where engagement is not a sure-shot possibility, till now I have experienced audience engagement with all my posts on beBee, and that itself encourages me to share more. How does that help? By sharing more posts I am increasing my visibility not only on beBee but also on the internet, at a macro level. After all, visibility matters the most when it comes to professional growth. 

beBee has created its own niche. It has established itself as a personal branding platform and it has definitely given me the space for personal branding that I needed. 

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#29 Thank you @Gloria 🐝 🐾 πŸ’« β˜• (Glo) Ochoa for the shares I am glad you liked it :-)

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#28 Thank you for the shares @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher :-)

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YES! Everything I tell everyone too! Love it! Shared on my platforms !

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#27 Shared on Twitter and Facebook @Proma Nautiyal :)

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#14 Thank you so much @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher for your continued appreciation and encouragement. It means a lot! :-)

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#19 So true @Preston 🐝 Vander Ven, these were the primary reasons that drew me closer and got me to use beBee, consistently. We have been lacking real conversations between people and that includes taking the time to read what others have written or hearing their thoughts. beBee gives us the platform to help people who are willing to engage, to go ahead, and motivate each other, and learn from each other. I think that is brilliant.

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