Local SEO — Complete How to Guide and Tips You Need

Local SEO is not a new word for small business owners, at least it should not be if you are conscious about boosting your business and ranking higher in Google and other search engines.

How to get higher rank in Google?” — is a question that has always been puzzling to the business owners. Today we will discuss one of the important answers to this question. That is Local SEO.

Local SEO helps you to make your business more familiar with the search engine(s). Therefore it will help you to drive more customers to your business who are actively searching for it. Besides organic search and paid advertising, local seo is also a great influential factor.

What is Local SEO all about?

In a word, local seo involves all the procedures that helps you to rank higher for relevant local searches.

For example, check out these search results of — ‘pizza near me’, or ‘’pizza in melbourne’’. Its an easy way to search your desired product. Searching with this type of queries are getting more popular with time.

Lets say you are selling Pizza in Melbourne, Australia and you have listed your business in Google. Then there is a chance that your business will show up as one of the results of these type of queries.

How this is done? Well there is no magic behind this. This is a straightforward reflection of the business owner’s efforts in Local SEO in Melbourne, Australia.

This search has been made using Google & it is noticeable that 3 relevant results are coming with some extra details that include the store name, user ratings, opening an closing times and some other details. They appears even above the organic search results.

Simply speaking, these results are delivering more user friendly information (even more than paid ads and organic search results). No doubt that the wesbite associated with this business will get more traffic than others.

And according to a study by moz, about 33% people will prefer clicking on these results! With the amount of information they are delivering, why not?

But do not get carried away, organic search results, on the other hand, still have the highest amount of CTR (Click through rate) which is 56%.

Compared to these two giants, Paid ads has a lower click through rate (10%).

Local SEO — Complete How to Guide and Tips You Need

Click Through Rate (CTR) is a calculation based on how many times the business appears in search result vs how many times users are actually clicking on it.

This simply means that to achieve high ranking in Google, any business owner should invest in both Local and Organic SEO. And success is possible without any paid ads! But for this you must know how to optimize your business for local searches.

Organic SEO vs Local SEO

Organic SEO involves your primarily website. Whenever a user searches with a query, Google and other search engines use their algorithm to find the best suitable website that matches with the user’s search intent.

By this method, google presents a SERP before you with all the relevant results. SERP refers to Search Engine Results Page.

To get a good place in that page, there are a number of factors like website loading speed, keywords, backlinks and so on.

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On the other hand, Local SEO deals with local searches. For local searches, google displays 3 relevant results with more information. These are commonly known as Snack Pack results. These Snack Pack results are more depended on Google My Business page and its optimization.

Local SEO also helps to make the business more prominent and easily discoverable in the Google local map. As a consequence, it will improve local search results and help to boost your business.

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