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Scientists dont know Ancient Sciences

Scientists dont know Ancient Sciences

Our human nature responds to three basic factors: Life, Consciousness and Body, and we can not separate them to understand how they affect our health and our balance throughout existence. An obvious fact is that imbalances and illnesses when they appear, reflect years of anticipation and weariness of body and mind (or was originate in conception).

The Budism, Astrology, Chackras and Chinese Medicine are coherent and complementary to explain how we are, the statistical potentials we can possess and how they will affect our Vocation, Food and finally Health. While the Chinese Medicine Model translates the functioning of the Body, Astrology explains how The Mind and the Body relate dynamically (Life). 

Curious is that different Ancient Sciences are exactly correlated and have similarity of concepts. In this diagram we can see the twelve periods of the year in which the earth moves in the ecliptic around the sun. How could these (Egyptian, Chinese, and Indian) Cultures in far regions of the globe and at different times create fully conceptual models of our mind and its integration with the body?

The fact is that other cultures also mentioned in their mythologies: The twelve works of Her