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The Origin of the Universe and the Essential Consciousness

The Origin of the Universe and the Essential Consciousness

Everything starts in a big mystery: "the Unmanifested and the Manifested." Imagine we imploded the entire universe into a single spot. This spot would contain the whole imaginable universe. So let us call the zero spot "the Unmanifested", which is the spot that contains EVERYTHING. At some point in time, at the birth of chronology as we know it - at time zero, the Unmanifested manifested itself by first creating LIFE, the Divine flow, which is represented by the number One. Next, Manifestation gives birth to DUALITY: Energy and Matter or the Abstract and Concrete, and it is represented by the number Two. This is a seed thought so that we can understand our Essence, the Individual Consciousness which is represented by a single model. Both the entire Manifested Universe and the Universal Consciousness were formed this way. This is the Foundation Stone - the Triple Enigma:

              "How did Life join Energy and Matter to give origin to a Conscious Being that is able to create and evolve?"

Life and Duality united formed the Triple Enigma - the BEING: ‘Life, Energy and Matter’. Thus, ‘Life, Consciousness and Body’ is the Original Vital Pattern of the Known Universe. Everything and all the existing forms follow this pattern. Models llustrate this concept, which Religions and Beliefs do not explain in a simple manner.

The Challenges of Balance and Fate - Where do they come from? Consciousness lives between the two extremes of Duality: in the "Middle Path". On one side, there is the Temporary Perception, which is composed of the five senses that experience the reality of Thinking, Doing and Possessing - Materialism. On the other side, there is the Perception of the Latent, the Tuning with the Universal Consciousness, which knows everything and can induce everything. The Inner Voice is the source of the Dual Balance in relation to the world outside. We live on a tightrope, wandering periodically to one of the two sides.

The Five Aggregates and the Ten States of Being. The Manifestation continues evolving and generates Five Basic Elements vertically. These are the five stages of the Divine Flow: the Inspirational, Intuitive, Intellectual, Emotional and Physical stages. They are the Being’s Resonance frequencies. The lower the frequency, the denser it is. These Dual stages represent the two hemispheres of the brain: The Electrical and Magnetic or the Abstract and Concrete or the Managerial and Technical ones. Each cerebral hemisphere is also dual, thus forming four horizontal levels of the Being: The Individual, Familial, Social and Universal levels. This way, the Essential Consciousness can operate both in Frequency and Amplitude. Each circle represents a transitional state of occupation and experience of the Being, totaling ten states.

The states alternate in dual opposition allowing experimentation in pairs: Agony (Hell) leads to piety, hunger to achievement , animality to learning and fury allows you to learn ecstasy. Most of the time we experience CALMNESS and, after experiencing it all, we experience compassion. Compassion is experienced through feeling solidarity with all the living beings of the universe. The Temporary Perception and the Physical Aggregate are experienced through the five senses: The Vision, Hearing, Smell, Taste and Touch.

It is a grand work that alternates in frequency, amplitude and quality of experience, retaining and extracting knowledge from the Universal Repository. Mental work interacts with the body like flux and reflux, stimulating or removing these energy sources. It vibrates in resonance with the real world experiences through the five physical senses. It receives insights from the Universal Mind, creating and evolving.

The Multifrequency Resonant Consciousness now incorporates the colors that exemplify the quality of the experiences captured and stored. The "hotter and heavier" colors are linked to the Material aspects, and the "lighter and cooler" colors represent Immaterial aspects. We reach then the fullness of the Standard Model of all human beings. The colors are sources of Energy and are connected to the Physical Body. They are finite and exhaustible energy reservoirs attached to all body organs and all the systems. It is also a static and basic model to all living beings. Yet, the dynamic part is missing. To represent the dynamic functioning of the Essential Consciousness, we turn to the best model developed by man: Astrology. The planets represent the mental entities that perform the dynamic functions of each Individual, leading him to the choice and definition of values and attitudes. This way, we also choose foods and we are subject to diseases by deficiency or excess of certain sources of vital supply.

The Essential Consciousness Map, by incorporating the Signs as energy sources and the planets as dynamic entities, can be understood as a complete individual in his natal stage at the time of birth. The consciousness’ front end is represented by entities: the Essence (Self), the Censor and the Encourager. Its central part is exercised by the Conquering one, the Smart one, the Lover and Desire. In the mind’s underground: the Visionary, the Innovator and the Capturer of the Universal Consciousness. Thus, each Individual Consciousness "vibrates" in resonance with certain qualities (colors) using their mental properties (entities) to experience Reality. The Universal Consciousness molds the Being according to the Original Vital Standard, giving each one individual the ability to experience and contribute to the continuity of creation and evolution.

The birth diagram enables adjusting an individual model of selfawareness for Vocational, Attitudinal and Food Counseling, facilitating the understanding of that personification through a confirmation interviewIn this interview, the Model is validated and can be used as a source of personal guidance. Other Original documents Universo, Modelo e Ciencias .

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