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Pulau Pantara a Touch of Nature

The beuty of Pulau Pantara is the beuty of nature unspoiled, preserved especially for you. the fasilities on Pulau pantara resort have been carefully planned to compliment and enhance the lush tropical surroundings. the charm of huge java sea, so forget the constrains of time.

Pulau Pantara a Touch of Nature

The Location Only 40 nautical miles from jakarta, the capital city of indonesia and can be about 2 hours by speed boat transportation. 

The enjoy a vacation nature pulau pantara was designed to let your enjoy nature, both physically and mentally. taste cuisine, wide variety of sport fasilities, cottages, emerald green water with natural white sand beaches, provide you with the opportunity to touch the tropical perfection.

A vacation and so much more to enjoy, welcome to the beauty of sunspoiled island and feel the touch of nature to a secluded island of tropical perfection.