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Pulau Sepa is better white sandy beach in thousand island

The archipelago Sepa Island has a fairly sloping beach lips, as well as wide white sand is also available lounge chairs that have been provided for tourists to sit back while looking at the vastness of the sea that lies in plain sight. Beautiful nature nuance we can enjoy on this beautiful island.

Pulau Sepa is better white sandy beach in thousand island In addition there are also some Gazebo provided by the beach where the visitors relaxed enjoy and see the beauty of this resort sea. By the time the sun begins to set usually many visitors sit on the pier enjoying natural phenomena and occasionally heard the sound of the waves.

With 90 minutes distance from ancol, of course the sea water in sepa island is definitely clear and clean, the visitors can play on the beach. And for visitors who want to see coral reefs and colorful fish can do snorkeling and diving activities.

Large beach areas can be used as outbound areas. We can do the activities of the event on this island. Outbound is different from the usual, on the island can play in the area of ​​the beach we can use sea water as a medium of activity.