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Migrate Outlook OST to PST File To Make Offline Data Server

Migrate Outlook OST to PST File To Make Offline Data Server MS Outlook as a desktop-based email application has made innovative progress. It stores all MS Outlook information in OST or PST file format. However, PST and OST files are similar in structure but there are some differences in them. PST is Personal Storage Table, which saves mailbox data of Outlook users. It requires proper internet connection while utilizing.

Whereas, OST file is the offline folder of Outlook, which offers the users to work offline in MS Exchange environment. These files are quite useful to make continuity in the work even at a time of interrupted connectivity and non-Exchange environment. After the synchronization, the changes are done, when OST files get in contact with Exchange server. However, there are some situations, which arises the requirement to migrate Outlook OST to PST File format and they have been discussed below:

Many times, user comes under various circumstances where conversion of OST to PST file becomes requirement for them. Sometimes while working, the synchronization fails, and all the work done gets in vain. However, the user need to convert OST data in situations like Exchange Server crash, Exchange account deletion, virus infected, Exchange server downtime, etc.

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Reasons to Migrate Outlook OST to PST File

Users can convert all their OST data to PST file format by using two ways, i.e. manual method and by using third party tool. However, there are some limitations of utilizing a manual method such as:

  • Lengthy process
  • Time consuming
  • High chance of data loss

To overcome the limitations of manual method, user can access third party tools. These days, there are many tools available in the online market. One such tool is Migrate Outlook OST to PST File. It easily recovers all the inaccessible OST data and exports it to PST file format. It has simple GUI, which is easy to utilize by any kind of users. It maintains the data integrity after conversion in exact form. It is easily operable on all Windows platform and supports all Outlook versions.


As, discussed above the ways to convert Outlook OST data to PST file are easier when executed using third party tool. Accordingly, users should use the third party tool because it takes less time, is easy to use and there are no chances of data loss.

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Harold Jefferson 23/5/2016 · #1

Had a problem with Exchange server and couldn't access the OST file anymore. I was afraid that data is lost forever, however converted OST to PST and recovered all information inside the file. OST2 worked like a charm. Lifesaver indeed!