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Are you at the Right Table?

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Something funny happened this week. I was at the breakfast table with my colleagues at our hotel and I happened to get an urgent call. While taking the call, I went around the food buffet and after having plated my tray,I went back . Still holding the phone, I came back absent-mindedly to another table where 2 gentlemen were having an animated conversation! Continuing to think they were some new folks from my organization who had joined, I proceeded to almost park myself when I saw the two of them glaring at me. One of them proceeded to continue to glare, while the other still glaring continued to point me to the right table.  I smiled, actually laughed at my senility, and so did my colleagues on the other table, the two gentlemen proceeded to continue to glare. Just glare. No smiles. Clearly I wasn't welcome at their table for that moment!

Much like conversations or situations we tend to be in sometime, completely oblivious to the other participants who may actually be engaged in discussions. Here are some quick fun tips for table bouncers to figure out if they are at the right table!

Sudden shift in word-smithing : If the table you interrupted was having an intense discussion and they shifted to smile , laugh and welcome you, probably means they will have the intense discussion later anyways..Also if the topic suddenly shifts to an inane topic, then you know you've forced yourself at the table!

Inconsistent facial expressions: I've see typically when conversationalists are animated, any interruptions can mean immediate change of expressions. Usually while one of them may welcome you, the other one usually will be forced to sulk or park the current discussion. Discordant expressions also may mean, you aren't at the right table that time!

In life too, we could  find situations where we sometimes begin to realize we may be at the other table. They could be career musing, or  relationship reflection, mid life rumination. And they could alienate us!

The key is to avoid stagnation by constantly changing your perspectives. Reduce torpor by throwing yourself  new challenges. Quell quiescence by re-evaluating your goals. 

And that may mean you just may have to find your table all by yourself!

I shared these thoughts with another colleague of mine who laughingly joked..Instead of asking Are you at the right table..maybe the key  is 

The table may be right, but the chair may be wrong for you!

And we all laughingly went back to work.

PS: Furniture woes aside, Life is a turntable. Pick your favorite song to play on it!!

This is a great story. I got a chuckle out of it.

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Lisa Gallagher 19/5/2016 · #15


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Purnima Menon 19/5/2016 · #14

heeeee heeee @CityVP Manjit!!#13

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CityVP 🐝 Manjit 19/5/2016 · #13

Just as awkward as running to one's ride from the train station and suddenly find a startled stranger looking at you. "Wrong car! Sorry" is all I can say, but it is still like invading someone else's space. As a stranger I would jump to Purnima's table any day of the year - for the one thing we sure know how to do, is have a mighty laugh. Those that laugh together don't have to eat together.

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Purnima Menon 19/5/2016 · #12

Thank you @Anees Zaidi!#10

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There's an old country song with this rendition in it - https://youtu.be/_Nh-NsqBsGE

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Anees Zaidi 19/5/2016 · #10

Beautiful thoughts @Purnima Menon...I love to share these with other bees..

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