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His "After" Story

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Many years ago, I had to deal with a colleague of mine, who was reporting into me. Honestly, I had a tough time dealing with him . He was brash, had no respect for organizational culture and an abject abhorrence taking responsibility for his own actions. Did I make him sound like the Devil? Not quite...

He was erudite, very well read, extremely articulate among other things. But all the other non conformist pieces bothered me and the organization too. And then of course, there was the fact there was practically no adherence to KRAs or any other form of organizational moulding. Now, I don't go about boxing people into an origamy of judgement,  but at some point we realized we had to let him go. And that decision was difficult for me as much as it was for him. 

The PIP (performance improvement plan) sessions with him were stressful for me , to say the least, but I tried to do it with as much objectivity as I could. No defence.

As much as he tried to fathom why this was happening to him... I mean couldn't he see how much of a rope he was given ? Maybe 2 years or so. Didn't he see it coming in every appraisal that brought out areas of improvement? Was he so blind or was he pretending? No offence.

But that wasn't what I wanted to talk about at all.

So he left, and I was saddled with his business data, some work related, some unrelated stuff. What caught my eye though,  was a folder named After hours.Expecting it to be some kind of visual trash, I was about to delete it when I saw it contained a few word documents titled short stories.

Oh the beauty of his prose! The depth of his emotions. The rawness of his deepest desire like hot molten lava seeping the keyboard, singeing the cool unemotional laptop. 

The deep crevices that allowed his soul to pervade his mind. The chasms in his heart that were sealed with richest feelings of love!

The stories were all about love , loss , and loneliness. And I almost choked when I read these stories.

 How could I have missed sensing that depth of feeling? Why could he not share that part so it would make him less brash, less arrogant, less cynical ?

That was perhaps the first time I realized....Everyone has an After story.

Sometimes we choose to share them. Sometimes they remain unsaid. Mostly they are unheard.

I havent heard from him since. Maybe he chooses to avoid me. But if I meet him I will tell him that he had a great story after all!

The End

Purnima Menon 15/5/2016 · #6

Thank you @Anees Zaidi! You said it! The real sell is the most sacred self!#5

Anees Zaidi 15/5/2016 · #5

@Purnima Menon I could not stop myself reading your fabulous post to 'THE END'. It is marvelous, beautiful and very touching. You know Purnima, every person has three dimensions of his/her 'self'. First, which he/she presents to us, the second which we want him/her to be and the last one - his/her 'real self'. This 'real self' is most sacred to him/her. It is his/her most valued treasure and he/she shares it with others very carefully and discretely. Here comes the role of 'empathy' to peek into his/her 'real self' slowly, gently and cautiously. Once we are able to put our tender touch on his/her 'real self' and understood it , we cover half of our journey in enabling him/her to reach his/her full potential. Thanks for sharing your amazing 'After Story'. I can't help but sharing with other bees.

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Reena Saxena 15/5/2016 · #4

Wow! This phrase got me. "The deep crevices that allowed his soul to pervade his mind".

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Mohammed A. Jawad 15/5/2016 · #3

Oftentimes, we fail to recognize the true worth of a person. And that's because we fall short of gauging perceptions or not all personality traits get exposed. Some people are simply talented and they rather prefer to be off from little pomp and praises of the world.

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Purnima Menon 15/5/2016 · #2

Thank you so much Julie for your lovely response!#1

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Julie Hickman 15/5/2016 · #1

@Purnima Menon your piece took me on the same roller coaster ride of emotions that you must have experienced. We never truly know someone unless they want us to and some will put up the tallest wall imaginable to prevent that very thing. Indeed a pleasure to read.

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