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Milano...Mi ricordero te sempre!

Milano...Mi ricordero te sempre!Image Sources: Google

If your entire life was flashing before you like a movie how many "what if" moments would you have?

Many years ago my husband and I were on a visit to Italy. I had recently learnt my basic Italian and was excited to travel and see some new places! Ever since I was a child I was fascinated with a lot of things..Mostly Italian. ..Bicycle Thief by Vittorio de Sica moved me beyond tears! I loved reading about the Mafia, Italian architecture, history and gobbled everything there was to read on Sicily!! So when I landed for the first time in Italy, I was thrilled, excited almost as if I was stepping into a world I knew already!

Milano...Mi ricordero te sempre!

We went to Roma, Milano, Venezia, Pisa and many quaint places that offered much delights to a wide eyed first timer in Italy. We stayed in one of the inns offered by localites and just ate and ate and ate!

Italy was everything and more that I ever thought it would be!

On one of the days, my husband had some work and catch up at his local office there and I was traipsing all around Milano, by myself. Now this is a fascinating city. Fashion and Architecture, Old and New all blending into one unique vista!

Milano...Mi ricordero te sempre!

I must have travelled a few blocks from the Duomo (if memory serves me right) when it sounded like someone was calling me..Excusi Señora started ringing louder.

Now I was alone and I was told to stay away from strangers. I started walking faster. The voices were now close behind me..I stopped.."Mi Dispiace...Non parlo Italiano" I struggled in my weak Italian! Damn where was the translations when I needed one!

They quickly started by saying they were shooting for a movie called La Banda(The Bandit) and they were filming a scene where a bandit robs a bank and takes a hostage from the busy road to hasten his escape. And they wanted me to play the hostage!!

My first acting stint in Italy!! Talk about going International... my heart sang!

Of course, when they realized I was on a travel trip and the fact that I wasn't remotely Italian, they smiled and waved me off. By then they had found out some more willing stand ins .... That memory still lingers!

The only proof I have is a camera picture of the shooting scene and few assorted pictures taken way back in the year 2000! Just to let my husband know I wasn't making it all up :-)

I don't know if the movie ever released ..

What if ...I had done that role :-)?

PS: Milano..Will always remember you for this!