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The day I brokered a deal with God...

The day I brokered a deal with God...Image Source: Google

I will never forget this one incident when I actually negotiated with God...

Many many years ago, on one of my first trips to Singapore, a couple of my colleagues and sent me a list of what I should buy them from Mustafa- the famous retail store, the haven for all of us Indians. For those of us who have been there, its just scores and scores of shelves of stuff.

I walked into the store and got the entire list sorted, till I remembered something I had to get for my friend Anjali. She was expecting her first baby and so some baby stuff was ordered. Most of the baby stuff were on bottom shelves so I had to be on my knees to get the stuff out. In that process I slid my laptop onto the floor and went about my chores!

A little after 45 minutes, when I had finished paying, I was almost ready to step out when I realized my laptop was not with me! I gave the bags to my colleague and asked him to wait there or at the nearby Indian restaurant while I ran back frantically.

I must have scoured the entire complex running up and down and retracing my steps to all the places i stopped to pick the stuff for my friends. But no luck.

Company policy states if you lose an asset, then you have to file a police complaint. The thought of making me to go a nearby police station filled me with dread as I wondered what else would be in store for me! Sweaty, and utterly dejected I stopped not knowing what to do on one of the ledges you see in the home image!

For the first time in my life my conversation with God went something like this..."Dear God if I have done the slightest of good in my life ever please please please have someone return my laptop" . I shut my eyes in fervent silent prayer. Something made me look back as I saw a man sitting right behind me and a table next to him. I asked him "I have lost my stuff, where can I lodge a complaint"? He must have gathered the state I was in, for he silently pointed to the board above that said "Lost & Found" and then to the door to my right.

I ran into the door as I could see scores of bags, shoes, and assorted items. But the most prominent items that caught my eye were the scores of laptops that were stacked neatly at the end of that room. And dear god! I could see my laptop right in front of me on the bottom rung of the shelf!!

I sprinted to the man stationed there. "My Laptop My Laptop I gasped like the parched traveller who finds an oasis"

He looked at me and asked me to identify the make and brand..I struggled to say Dell but the words wouldnt come out...I think i must have said the sub brand Vostro or something. He was impassive! Finally in sheer desperation I said, If you give me that laptop, I will put my password and open it for you! That worked and I got my laptop back.

Over the years, I have had many conversations with the forces above and beyond my comprehension, but this was my first negotiation ever! I am too superstitious to say it was my last :-)!

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