Game of Drones: DARPA Successfully Tests AI "Swarming Drones" That Can Make Battlefield "Decisions"

Game of Drones:  DARPA Successfully Tests AI "Swarming Drones" That Can Make Battlefield "Decisions"

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has announced it's breaking new ground in the area of "highly autonomous" and "deeply interconnected drones, jets, ships" which can coordinate strikes and recalibrate changing mission parameters independent of real-time or constant human input. DARPA announced that it successfully tested both live and virtual drones capable of "high degrees of autonomy" while under heavy electronic attack to see if they were capable of conducting coordinated missions. The series of simulations was conducted at  Arizona’s Yuma Proving Ground last week, according to a DARPA statement.

The DARPA announcement reads: “The [unmanned aerial systems] efficiently shared information, cooperatively planned and allocated mission objectives, made coordinated tactical decisions, and collaboratively reacted to a dynamic, high-threat environment with minimal communication.” The DoD has long funded experimental programs — the most significant ones through DARPA — involving the implementation artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning on the battlefield. Test includes "CODE" DARPA´s program involves swarming UAV's that could use AI to communicate and coordinate even when sophisticated electronic countermeasures are deployed by the enemy. The Yuma tests represent that for the first time the military successfully demonstrated that AI could find "small areas of spectrum to allow for short bursts of essential communications between military assets—little windows where just enough data can get through to allow for all the components to work together," according to........ Continue reading