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Entrepreneur's Confession : 3 factors an entrepreneur should value

Entrepreneur's Confession : 3 factors an entrepreneur should valueSince the age of 10 years old, I knew I wanted to own my business though having no one around me who owned their business, I knew I had a long way to go to understand the mechanics of launching, building and sustaining a business that can be institutionalized and of legacy. So I leaped!

Before I had even reached puberty, I was merchandising products in a local corner store and by the age of fifteen I was already working serving cappuccinos and croissant while manning the cash register at a coffee shop that was at a time one of the first franchises in North America. All throughout, I attended private schools and had to maintain a good average in order to pass year after year. My teachers and peers understood my reality and witnessed my assertiveness to succeed through hard work so I had a community of students of Excellence tutoring me and teachers extending their office hours to ensure I had the academic support needed for me to graduate. From then on, from one job to another, I had the opportunity to acquire management skills, marketing expertise and government affairs knowledge. With an extensive professional work experience, volunteering engagements and successful academic achievements, I developed interpersonal skills and refined my emotional IQ.

Fast forward to my launch as an entrepreneur. It was triggered by a few marking points in my life which was catapulted by one last shake-up that I experienced during one overseas assignment. That marking moment was when I was armed robbed. Thereafter, I was not traumatized nor was I living in fear, I just knew that my time was now. Upon my return home, I started to do everything that was in me- that is my entrepreneurial journey being molded into what will eventually be the right formula ( still working on it) for success - hitting the right target as an entrepreneur is like a roller coaster ride. I eventually started my own cross-cultural business as it reflects my thesis and my 10 years of professional and development work in addition to the 5 years in the workforce at various capacities.

In between there are many stories of joy as equally as there are of deception and betrayal. Which brings me to this blog topic “ the three factors an entrepreneur should value”. In no order of importance yet recognizing that without time nothing is possible and every nano second of a healthy life is the most precious resource vital to our existence; these three factors will determine