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**************FREE WORKSHOP VALUE PROPOSITIONS **************

**************FREE WORKSHOP VALUE PROPOSITIONS **************

**************FREE WORKSHOP VALUE PROPOSITIONS ***********
by Rahim Gulamali

We have something cool for you to get your business transformed so customers keep coming! Yes, you heard it right! So your customers keep coming!

Our new reality with all the confinement stuff going on, it is clear that how we have engaged with our customers, is not anymore possible.

For 2 main reasons:

1. The 2-meter economy
2. Peoples mindset have changed

There are more reasons for you require to adapt. We have seen that the articulation of the value story across the business can be somewhat dodgy. Your sales teams are underperforming. Your customers are not renewing. Your value story is outdated. Are you touching your customer where they need you the most? And are they willing to pay for your services? How do you stand out from the crowd?

We have a solution for you. And we are offering this free of charge!

What if I told you you can create #agility to adapt your #value proposition with a continuous focus on your customers changing needs? And at the same time use this to actually #growyourbusiness? Stand out from the competition, and for most of you, keep driving that ridiculous car!

We are giving away #freeonlinesessions to get you up to speed with this methodology.

Book some time with us here. In max 45 minutes we will help you get up and 🏃‍♂️!

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