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Growing the numbers of a business are a result. But to achieve the result, you will first need to grow people!

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In one of my recent workshops around change management, there were some interesting discussions on why it took so long before changes actually were implemented and the results of the change could actually be measured up against what success meant for them. One of the key discussions was focussed on investing in the right team members and helping them grow.

Growing the numbers of a business are a result. But to achieve the result, you will first need to grow people!

In the last 25 years, I’ve been a part of a lot of change in the organisations I’ve worked for and/or consulted in the past. Changing markets/competition/ direction requires a company to be aware of the outside environment and the needs your customers have. It’s interesting to see that over the years, where I experienced change from different levels in the organisations (worker, leader, consultant), it has alway’s surprised me how long it took before organisations made the decision to actually make a clear choices on where they invest, and where they stop investing in. This was also the case in the last workshop.

Time and time again I see that these choices take time, sometimes too long resulting in to under par performance of team members and subsequently, an under pace performance of the company. Redesigning your company, although focussed from the outside in, also requires an inside out approach as your team members first need to embrace the direction you are taking.

Invest in your people

People are your most valuable asset. They engage with your customers and often are the first line of contact. Getting them up to speed on what you as a company deliver into the market space is one thing,  ensuring that they are equipped to actually take on your visionary approach in how you will help your customers resolve their challenges, is something else. You will find people embracing the new direction, and you will have team members who will fight. Some of them will leave. Investing in them is one of the most important assets you have to actually change the direction you are taking.

Hire the best you can find?

I struggle with the comment when leaders mention that they have a limited budget to hire people. When you hire, always hire the best. And not the average. That investment will payback on the long run. Every company should be focussed on growth. The numbers you aim to achieve will only be achieved if you help your Customers Grow. To be able to that you need your team members to Grow. If both are on the level you need them to be, the numbers will subsequently grow too.

Knowledge is power

Your customers expect you to help them solve their business challenges. They expect a qualitative approach when engaging with your company. It does not matter if we talk about sales, operations, customer services or back office. Every interaction should be of the best possible quality. Investing in training and hiring people who are willing to invest in themselves, are key prerequisites which you need to grow.

Customer Journey

As Customer X-perience focussed professional it’s important that every interaction is built around your customer's journey. Understanding their journey and creating an aligned plan for success is a prerequisite to be successful in every engagement you have with them. Being in the business of multi-year engagements, it’s important that you have a clear plan and have a good understanding of persona’s and their needs. Good insight into what they are trying to solve, Excellent view what success means, and maximum flexibility to an agile approach in solutions, at whatever stage your customers are in their journey.

The better you prepare your team members, improve your hiring policy and keep focused on the journey you and your customers are taking. The more you will be able to help grow your most valuable relationships in business and deliver amazing results. Stop dwelling on what you cannot achieve, but thrive on what you will achieve when investing in the right people, tools and results.

About the author: @Rahim Gulamali Strategic Customer Experience focussed Transformational Leader with an outstanding track record across BPO, Strategic Change Management, Corporate Risk Management, Information technology, Technical and Financial Project Management. Proven track record in; designing, guiding, clarifying and completing (international) strategic programs; motivating teams and individuals to deliver; streaming and energising existing business processes where People drive/own the success.