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3 Business Strategies To Fiercely Popularize Your Mobile App in the Market

  3 Business Strategies To Fiercely Popularize Your Mobile App in the Market

Developers of mobile applications are well aware of the fact, that in order to make your app go viral, you need to fiercely publicize it, otherwise all the programming related endeavor would turn out to be a waste of time. Before pounding directly into the development process, it’s mandatory to consider three fundamental aspects in order to popularized your app, which includes ASO (App store optimization), designing interface of the app and global market. Hence, in order to increase the download rate of your application along with tons of positive reviews, here we explore the detail insights of the aforementioned three prime aspects to be strictly considered so as to get your app highly visualized.

(1) ASO (App Store Optimization)

This is the fundamental procedure, you need to undertake soon after the development and deployment of the application is done. To redirect the users towards your application, you need to make good and strategic use of keywords and phrases, to optimize the search process. This is not a simple task as it seems, as Google and Apple are continuously making periodic amendments in their search algorithm.

The content describing your app should contain relevant keywords, for your app to get at the top of the search list. Before writing the descriptive content of your app, analyses that of your competitor ones, to obtain the idea as what to do and what not to. Picking a right name for your app, makes a huge difference in the market. Hence, choose a name that is catchy and relevant to the functionality and purpose of your application.

(2) Design architecture of your application

Design architecture is the foremost thing to be strictly considered, as majority of the users are lured by the attractive design layout of the application. As per the research from Gartner, users quickly dump the apps with poor UI/UX designing interface and improper navigation system. Seamless user experience is what the heart of every user desires which in turn increases the user engagement rate. The app is leveraged at it’s maximum through incorporation of multimedia related attributes in your application.

(3) Exposure in global market

Google Play store and Apple App store are the storehouse of mobile apps for users across the globe to download it. Issues related to cultures is also one of the main reason why users usually avoid to download app. In countries like Japan, advertisement of app is done through the medium of television, whereas in Germany, in-app purchase strategy is widely adopted, all around.

Closing words

Attracting a large number of audience is a very complicated and challenging task, but it’s not impossible to accomplish. Mobile App Development Company need to perform below things, in order to make the app go viral :

    Simple login / authentication process

    Keep the functionality of the application transparent i.e no hidden activities

    Include social media support like facebook, twitter etc

    Add reward/bonus related functionality

    Notification and promotional attributes to keep the user engaged with your app

Truly speaking, there is no particular strategy to make your app go viral. The only way is to include any viral or trending technological feature in the application, to comfort the end-user.

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