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When you Need to Redesign your Mobile Application?

When you Need to Redesign your Mobile Application?


There can never be limitations for integration creative designs to mobile apps. We recognize all mobile applications for its advanced features, functionalities, and UX design. The design that’s appeal to the users in the long run. With the emergence of new technologies and the evolution of attractive designs, there have fast transitions in apps from modest-looking apps to interesting mobile applications.

Companies follow the latest trends to stay ahead of their competitors in this digitally driven world. Since mobile applications showcase the face of your business, it is significant for companies to keep the app updated and keep changing the design of apps with the latest design, elements that offer a better feel to the users. The world is evolving rapidly and nothing is constant, so how you are expecting an app to remain the same for a long time.

The competition is high among the mobile application of different verticals, and we have noticed a change since the launch of mobile applications. Nowadays mobile applications are compact, offer advanced features and functionalities, and enhanced looking UI.

In this blog post, I have jotted down points that why apps need to be redesigned and below I talk about the benefits it provides to the companies and the users.

Advantages of Redesigning the Mobile and Web App

It is significant to keep the users happy and engaged and get them involved in various features of applications. If they like your applications, they’ll give top stars on Google Play Store and Apple Store and write an excellent review of your application, which will eventually promote the download and install of your applications.

Look at the perks appreciated by companies who redesign their apps:

Increase in the number of users: It is crucial for companies to keep their customers happy for the user interface of the applications. The design of the mobile application should be easy to understand so that users don’t find much trouble in navigations. If you integrate next level features into your applications, but the design of the application is complex, the chances of high return on investment decreases. There are thousands of mobile applications of different verticals, thus, users keep trying new apps and move from one to another, looking for the app that best suits their requirements and easy to use. Therefore, it is crucial for developers and designers to create appealing designs to engage their users and increase the reach of their target audience.

More conversions: Users usually ignore complex applications and it is critically important for companies to build applications with remarkable design. If users like the design of the mobile applications and they found the application easy to use, they’ll keep using it for a long time. However, the design of the application is complex and users have an option of app with a better design, they will quickly switch to that app. Thus, mobile app developers need to understand the user’s behavior and refrain the design accordingly. This will increase the ROI and increase the sales and chance of conversion.

Customer loyalty: Companies often overlooked some features that send multiple notifications to the user’s device and showcase a design that gives them a headache. In such cases, app developers need to make a proper strategy to retain their users. The best method is to read the feedback, listen to the user’s trouble, and make changes in the app accordingly. This will help them in making a robust bond with their customers.

When is the right time to Redesign your App?

It is critical for companies to pick the right time to make changes in their apps.

If the number of users is declining, or the conversion rates are going down, maybe the views and organic reach of post isn’t increasing.

This might be one of the reasons that help your business to grow and revamp your app design.

This is the perfect time for companies to make changes in the applications. Before anything else, it is important for them to contact an expert mobile app development company like Arka Softwares and discuss what changes you want to make in your app. Sit down and talk with the company’s expert, discuss the on-going trends and things that your app is lacking, ask them about their opinion on current users and new users.

Take a look at the signs that ready you to reform your app’s design:

Complain from the user end:

It is tough for the company to digest the fact that its users isn’t liking the app. It isn’t something new, its new as the users get bored with design, they want companies to integrate advanced level features and revamp the app design. Since the only ways users show their dislike attitude is through the Google Play Store, Apple store, etc.

By reading the feedbacks of users, the app owners can evaluate their problems and make changes accordingly in the UI and UX.

Declining conversion rate:

If you have started noticing the downfall of your application, it is time for you to redesign your mobile application. Also, if the user base of your application isn’t increasing, then it is highly important for you to make changes in design and now you know whom to contact.

Rebranding of the company:

If you are planning to make changes in the way your organization’s work and in other procedures, start with redesign the mobile app. Even if you aren’t integrating any new feature, you can make changes in the design to offer a remarkable user experience.

New target audience:

Are you thinking to expand your target audience for the enhanced usage of mobile applications? You must know that some things are traditions and you have to ignore them. If you want to target a particular group of users, you must need to understand their requirements and the kind of products they are looking for on their mobile devices. This is important to understand what actual changes an app required in designing.

Steps to follow during Redesigning of the App

You must ensure the transition should be smooth while redesigning the apps. The programmer’s needs to be focused and understand the changes deeply that are required in the app, rather than adding the complex features and functionalities. Take a look at the process that companies need to follow to redesign the applications:

Keep an eye on the analytics: Analytics showcases all the real reasons behind the success and failure of mobile applications. The number that analytics showcase in real-time helps you understand that when you need to make changes in the mobile application. The analytics helps you know how many people actually download your application, conversion rate, another deep insight that it shows is the active users on your application. Also, it will inform you about the time users spent on a different screen of mobile applications. The analytics also provide information about the age of users and the gender of the people who use your mobile application.

Feedback: Keep reading the feedback that customers are writing for in the feedback section of Google Play Store and Apple App Store. If you won’t read it, you might lose the chances of improvement. According to the reports, feedback and reports showcase the user’s behavior toward your application. You can get the reviews through social media, email, or rating.

Competitor research: It is crucial for companies to keep their eyes on the competitor’s actions and how they are managing their apps. To understand their business deeply, you should download their application in your device and observe their app’s design. If they are above us, learn from them. And if they are below you, keep checking what they are adding on the app on a daily basis.


There is no doubt that everything is temporary when it comes to technology, but the design of application are also temporary as it needs to keep changing in just a short span of time. Business owners need to understand the users’ mindset before making any major changes in the application. Timely changes are always plus point and appreciated by the users.