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How to Integrate Ephesoft and Alfresco

Enterprises possess and receive a whole lot of documents of various types in hard copies. It is a cumbersome task to add to your Alfresco system. By just scanning the documents and transferring to the document library serves an only limited purpose. If enterprises try to add the metadata or properties manually to each document, the time take may be irrational to this activity.

To automate this process, Alfresco users can integrate Ephesoft which shortens the above time and cuts the cost of managing this process. This blog explains the easier way to integrate Ephesoft and Alfresco.

How to Integrate Ephesoft and Alfresco

This configuration is tested with Alfresco 5.x Community Edition.

Integration of Ephesoft with Alfresco is done by configuring CMIS plugin in Ephesoft. This plugin, as the name itself suggests, can be used to push or pull data from CMIS compatible document repositories such as Alfresco. However, even before that, we have to first prepare Ephesoft by mapping attributes.

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Mapping in Ephesoft

Let us take an example of Invoices which are to be scanned in Ephesoft and pushed to Alfresco. We want to fetch five properties from each invoice viz. part number, invoice total, invoice date, state, and city.

This is how you will be able to integrate Ephesoft and Alfresco. For further details or queries, feel free to contact us.

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