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Online Form Builder with Alfresco customization

A number of official communications happen on a day to day basis within enterprises that are form-based. These are an integral aspect of the Document Management System of the organization. There will be more than one internal or external stakeholders involved while communication is being distributed across the channel. Some of such communications could be:

It is observed that only some companies handle the forms through their Document Management System. More often, there are physical forms/ print-outs which flow around, to say the least. The physical forms have severe limitations and challenges.

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Common Challenges for Enterprises to Handle Physical Forms:

1] Inefficiency in Tracking Physical Forms: Many of these forms used in the paper format where the employees would take a print of a prescribed form, will fill up with a pen to physically submit it for the approval.

Online Form Builder with Alfresco:

As an Alfresco development company, we have leveraged the Alfresco Enterprise Content Management platform to derive a solution that comes up with a customs form builder where the authorized users can build a form of their choice without coding a single line.

So, if your organization is looking for this kind of solution, do contact us. We will understand the depth you require around the use cases and will deliver a solution to your needs.Online Form Builder with Alfresco customization