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Top 5 Tips to Book Flight Tickets in India

Top 5 Tips to Book Flight Tickets in India                                                                                     *Image Source Google

Booking flight tickets is easy but cracking a cheap deal is the difficult task. There are a few steps that you need to ensure so as to get the best possible price for your flight ticket bookings. To snatch a good deal, follow these simple tricks.

1. Book early

On the spot rates are approximately 2-4 times higher as compared to the rates a few months earlier. The first few seats of the flight are sold at the cheapest rates and they go on increasing the fares thereafter. The last few seats are reserved for spot customers and they charge them a lot for the tickets.

2. Festival day bookings

Book on the festival days as you get the most discounts and offers then. For instance, there is an offer of around 15-20% on flight ticket bookings in India because of the Holi festival. Airline companies keep these offers as most of the travellers wish to visit their home during festivals and cheap airfares will eventually gain traffic towards their airline company.

3. Combo Offers

The most common combo offer of all times is the return ticket. Having a return booking eventually helps you save money as one-way ticket fares are costlier. However, if you wish to cancel your flight, some airline companies do let you do so. So, before booking your ticket, cross-check with the company’s policies.

4. Calendar Spreads

The rates that are offered by airline companies vary every other hour. Because of heavy rush of business travellers, Monday morning flights are the costliest. Similarly, the rates hike on the weekends. Especially, Friday evening and Sunday evening flights see a terrible hike in their airfare.

5. Wait for Offers

Travellers who plan their trips in advanced can wait for offers to book their flight tickets. Even though offers pour every other week, if you happen to plan a trip and a festival is coming up, book on that day to avail a good discount. Also, register with the airline company to get updated about upcoming offers and festive discounts.