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5 Surreal Honeymoon Attractions Just a Stone's Throw from India

5 Surreal Honeymoon Attractions Just a Stone's Throw from India

Stress is a part of wedding planning. From flowers to rehearsals, every havoc that is wrecked pushes another button. Which is why it is important to choose a great honeymoon destination where stress isn't the word you think off before you drift off to sleep each night. But even before all this is the million dollar question - where should we go after the wedding?

Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations Near India For Romantic Vacation:

You could go for a dreamy US trip or the now cliché Switzerland tour or you can just remain closer to home without compromising on the excitement of an international destination. Here are a few destinations near India that you should consider for a grand honeymoon. Nearly all of them have a great collection of honeymoon packages from Mumbai.

1. Bali, Indonesia

As of now, most of the Indian metropolitan cities are now connected to Bali by flights. Delicious seafood, well-sculpted temples, and white beaches are the real attractions of the place. The best of all is that it is extremely budget friendly. Nusa Dua and Kuta offer one the best views while Ubud is more of a cultural hub. It is truly how a tropical paradise should be.

2. Sri Lanka

While many people don’t feel safe with the idea of traveling to Sri Lanka, we assure you that it is a trip worth taking. The destinations are beautiful and nearly everything is easily accessible. Scenic waterfalls and sprawling tea plantations dot the landscape while resorts such as the ones in Bentota and Galle pamper newly-weds in their luxury resorts. It is quite close to home as well, so you don’t have to spend your precious moments slugging away in a long flight. You can also visit Nuwara Eliya and Ella take the awe-inspiring train ride over the iconic Nine Arch Bridge. 

3. Maldives

Picturesque thatched roofs, the brilliance of the colors in the sea, the turquoise waters crashing on the sandy, stunning white beach - this is the picture that comes to mind when “Maldives” is thrown into any conversation. With overwater villas and stunning coral reefs, all you need is your other half to get lost in the beauty of the place. And a honeymoon in the Maldives? Nothing can top that! You can go scuba diving, kayaking, snorkeling and much more when around the beaches, or just unwind and enjoy the vista from indoors while snuggling with your partner. 

4. Turkey

Turkey is a country that is considered to have mixed identities. A confluence of two cultures and continents, it has carved its name as a blend of eclectic mix of Europe and Asia. Steeped in centuries of history, it is modern, fashionable and yet very humble and protective of its origins. Istanbul is a must-visit destination where, apart from enjoying the views of Bosphorus Bridge and Hagia Sofia, you can go on a hot air balloon- one of the most romantic settings ever- or simply tag along on a shopping spree. 

5. Dubai, UAE

As the most glitzy destination this side of the globe, Dubai requires a special mention. It packs a punch for all those newly-wed lovebirds. Of course, remember not to get too cozy in public. It is not appreciated there. Even holding hands in public is frowned upon. However, the Dubai Creek, Deira Gold Souk, Al Bastakiya, and the Palm Jumeirah make up for all the lost coziness as you can admire the said places to the fullest.

A honeymoon should be the means by which you make beautiful memories with your partner. Whether you tour packages from Bangalore or from Delhi, there is no difference in what you feel when you land at your destination.