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Head To Miracle Garden in Dubai For A Lovely Arabian Vacation

Head To Miracle Garden in Dubai For A Lovely Arabian Vacation

Dubai is so obsessed with all the extravagant creations around the world that it never ceases to amaze us with one creation after the another and the best part is that every new creation outclasses the previous one hands down!

Of all the popular attractions in Dubai, the Miracle Garden is certainly one of the greenest and certainly one of the greatest. This place looks straight out of the dream and is a dreamy fantasy that has left travelers across the globe amazed. This garden in the heart of Dubai spreads over a 72,000-meter square area, making it the world’s biggest natural flower bed. The garden features over 109 million flowers that are settled the space and create an amazing spectacle for the onlookers. If that was anything lesser than the garden is also home to the recently opened Dubai Butterfly Garden. The butterfly garden is also known as world's largest indoor butterfly garden and sanctuary. This place is famed as the popular home to over 15,000 butterflies from 26 species.

Dubai Miracle Garden can be visited in February. Mostly winter months are preferable for the travelers looking forward to exploring the places. The weather conditions during this period is thoroughly enjoyable and most of the people in the city look forward to it. If you really want to have a great time in Dubai then a trip to the Miracle Garden is highly recommended.

Be it a family photo session or a pre-wedding photo shoot, the Garden space is perfect with its myriad of colorful flowers all around. As you look around inside the garden the enchanting views of the flowers would soothe your soul and would make you so humble and calm.

Dubai Miracle Garden is located at - Al Barsha 3, Arjan Dubailand, Dubai. So, reaching here isn't much of an issue. The place is quite far from the city center so the first option and the most reliable option to try would be to rent a car. Driving in UAE isn’t recommended unless you are a kickass driver. Therefore, taking a taxi could be the best bet. There are a few red Dubai Sightseeing Buses that might interest you to explore the place by riding it.  This bus stops right in front of Dubai Miracle Garden and from there you can find your way directly to the Garden.

So, you can straightaway take a public transport without thinking much and get on a new bus route no. 105 from Mall of Emirates (MOE) Metro station. Apparently, this also happens to be the cheapest way to get to this display of the wonderful array of flowers in the United Arab Emirates. Also, there is a plane-shaped structure in the form of the beautiful flowers and it happens to be a major attraction in the garden in Dubai. The prices of the Miracle Garden in Dubai are quite nominal and people can easily enter the garden after buying the tickets. The price is 40 AED for adults which for the children from age 3-12 years the charges are 30 AED

The garden is opened throughout. So, on weekdays, it is from 9 am - 9 pm while on weekends (Fri-Sat) the timings are from 9 am - 11 pm. Don't miss a trip to the Miracle Garden in Dubai when you travel to UAE the next time.