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Top 5 Destinations in USA to Explore With Families

Top 5 Destinations in USA to Explore With Families

The USA is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, with people flocking to it in any weather and seasons. It also helps that due to differences in time zones, the country experiences radically different weather during the same time of the year. So you can expect to see snow in one state, whereas another state will have sweltering heat. Try to book for yourself and your family one of the India to USA tour packages, and get set to enjoy some of the most popular attractions of the world, starting from the Statue of Liberty or the Rocky Mountains, to Yellowstone National Park or the casinos of Las Vegas. Take a look at some of the most popular attractions of the USA, for which you should buy an India to USA tour package:

1. Las Vegas: The land of bright lights, glitzy shows, glamorous accommodation options and multi-storied casinos, Las Vegas in the state of Nevada is one of the most popular destinations of the USA. But it is not just the gambling opportunities that it is famous for. In fact, there are several other attractions here, the least of which is the immenses desert that surrounds it. One of the largest in the world, the desert is a great place for a long drive with nothing but the scenery keeping you company.

2. New York: Visiting New York is on the bucket list of every avid traveler, and for good reason too. Not only are there some really great places to visit here, such as the up-scale shops of Manhattan and the downtown charm of SoHo. There is also the Statue of Liberty to see here, Central Park to relax for a while and Times Square to stand and watch the world go by. Did you know that it is said that if you stand at Times Square long enough, you will see all of New York pass you by at some point.

3. Yellowstone National Park: Home to the world famous “Ye Olde Faithful” geyser, Yellowstone National Park is a great place to visit with your family. This place has something or the other to offer everybody, be it kids or the elderly, be it young newly married couples or solo travelers, be it people looking to reignite their love for travel or a group of friends looking for some excitement in life.

4. Grand Canyon National Park: Home to the beautiful Mather Point, the Grand Canyon National Park is a gem in the crown of America. Thanks to being a natural wonder of epic proportions, it is famous all around the world, and people come from near and far to see it. The drive itself is worth all the hype, with selfies coming up as a very close second. The view here is breathtaking, to be fair and getting here is worth all the trouble of booking an India to USA tour package.

5. Miami: If you are in the USA, there is a definite reason for you to visit one of the beaches here, and Miami is as good a place as any. The beaches here range from virgin to those full of people all through the year. Further, it is a great place to simply shop for bargains at any of the flea markets and yard sales that Miami is famed for. Make sure to bring along an empty bag for all the shopping that you will do here.

These attractions and many more await your arrival in the USA, when you plan well and book in advance any of the India to USA tour packages. All you need to do after that is to lie back and let the tour package take you some of the dreamiest destinations and attractions of the world. Spend some time in the USA and you will know why it is considered such an important tourist destination. And the best part is that you can visit this country any time of the year, without the need for planning the trip according to the weather conditions over there.