Corrosion Control by Material selection & Metallic Coating

Material Selection and Metallic Coating for Corrosion Control describes how metals coatings can prevent corrosion from metal corrode. 

Corrosion control is a process aimed at reducing the corrosion rate to a tolerable level (or predictable limits). This process consists of different corrosion monitoring and control techniques, used by industries to reduce the problem of corrosion.
Corrosion control focuses mainly on
  • (1) Material and
  • (2) Environments
Corrosion Management focuses on “people” and aims at improving the performance of engineering systems. So, effective corrosion control requires a complete management strategy involving people as much as equipments.
Since corrosion involves interaction between material and environment, the approach to control corrosion includes
  • Use of the most compatible material in a given environment.
  • Reduce the aggressiveness of the environment towards the material.
  • Use of protective coating to separate the material from the environment.
  • Cathodic  and anodic protection are preventive measures based on electrochemical principles of corrosion.
Corrosion Control by Material selection & Metallic Coating
Methods of Corrosion Control
  • Design
  • Material Selection
  • Coating
  • Modification of the environment(inhibitors)
  • Electrochemical Methods
               a.Cathodic Protection
               b.Anodic Protection
2. Material Selection:
  • Technically, selecting a corrosion – resistant alloy would be the answer to corrosion problem
  • However, corrosion resistance is not the only property to be considered when selecting a material. (It is of major importance in the chemical process industries).
  • Economics (cost) dictate the selection of material.
  • The most corrosion – resistant metal or alloy may not be always optimum choice because of:
1) High Cost.
             2) Low abundance
             3) Difficult to manufacture
             4) Unsuitability to meet the engineering requirement.
  • The materials selection process is also influenced by weather the material is to be used for: