Help Your Employees Shake a Bad Mood

                                                   Help Your Employees Shake a Bad Mood "Morning traffic, spilled coffee, running late — it’s not uncommon for people to arrive to the office harried and annoyed. But if your team members start the day in a bad mood, they’re likely to stay that way, which can affect their performance. Luckily it’s possible for a manager to help people hit the reset button and shake a negative morning mood. Consider sending out morale-boosting messages in the morning or holding a regular team huddle to help people transition and experience a positive mood as they start their workday. Providing food or celebrating accomplishments can also help people turn around a bad start. Be mindful of how your behavior can contribute to, or even worsen, a negative mood. Avoid setting up intense meetings first thing in the morning, and don’t send a barrage of late-night emails that will give people a full inbox when they arrive at the office".

Adapted from “How Your Morning Mood Affects Your Whole Workday,” by Nancy Rothbard