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AdWords Keyword Strategies for A Winning PPC Campaign

AdWords Keyword Strategies for A Winning PPC Campaign

Google AdWords is one of the best mediums to reach & attract customers online. Although it’s easy to set up an AdWords campaign, it’s difficult to get a positive ROI. However, well-defined goals & keyword strategies will improve your PPC campaign performance and turn it into a profitable campaign.

Goals- You must define the goals you want to achieve from your advertising. Your goal could be increasing a specific number of leads, newsletter signups, ebook downloads, website traffic & other micro conversions. It is important to set up reasonable goals which can be tracked and measured, and must be in line with your business objective.

Keyword strategies- Understanding the user intent of a keyword is valuable to your keyword strategy because it’s a foundation of your campaign. It is the searchers you are trying to reach through your ads. You should use your creativity when doing keywords research.

Start with your core keywords which directly defines your product or service and have high search volume. Use these keywords in Google keywords planner tool to research the words/phrases which match the campaign objective. The keywords you choose should help searchers find the answers to their initial questions.

To keep your account organised & maintain a control on your keywords you must keep them into adgroups. You can create an ad adgroup using core keyword or keyword match type. Google AdWords offers four different keyword match types.

Let’s delve into keywords match types-

  • Broad Match Type- It is the default match type in Google AdWords where keywords are entered into an adgroup without any formatting around the word. Broad match keywords can trigger your ads for singular/ plural forms, misspellings, and even similar words. 

For instance, if your broad match keyword is “toy cars”, your ads could be triggered by any of these queries-

AdWords Keyword Strategies for A Winning PPC Campaign                                                            See the highlighted irrelevant queries

With broad match keywords, your ads can yield the most impressions & clicks but hardly any con