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Starting a Web Development Project? Choose None Other Than Laravel

Custom figures posted on various websites represent that a large number of developer prefer Laravel instead of other frameworks, have you ever wondered why? Much like other frameworks, laravel also comes with a bunch of attention-grabbing features to enhance any web application development procedure. However, Laravel is the most popular of all and the following post emphasizes on what makes Laravel a cut above. If someone asks me this in the form of one-liner, I would say Laravel is not like those CMS, or ECommerce frameworks, which will satisfy your specific needs. But, it’s an all-rounder.

About the Laravel framework

Being a PHP framework, Laravel turns out to be an open source platform that has been designed to ease and speed up the entire process of web development. With the help of its perfect looking infrastructure, developers don’t need to waste any time in code, design, configuration, creating a template, security and so forth.

Before we proceed further, it is very important to understand its philosophy. Laravel strives hard to take the pain out of development by easing common tasks used in the majority of web projects such as authentication, routing, sessions and caching. It also aims to make the development procedure a pleasing one without sacrificing on the functionality part. The framework turns out to be easily accessible, yet powerful, providing powerful tools needed for large, robust applications. On and all, a superb inversion of control container, expressive migration system, and tightly integrated unit testing support give you the tools you need to build an application with which you are tasked.

Starting a Web Development Project? Choose None Other Than Laravel

8 Ripping Reasons to Pick Laravel

Like I said before, Laravel scores over other web frameworks due to its advanced features and development tools. Let’s find out what are they?

Easy to get started

As the title suggests, laravel is quite easy to get started in comparison to other frameworks. Even you have entered the field as raw Laravel developer who has a bit know-how of the basics of PHP, you can easily develop a five-page site within a span of few hours. Still, it’s not the only reason why you should choose laravel. There’s much more.

Open Source

Another basic yet important aspect to consider the framework. Open source frameworks are meant to build large and complex web applications easily. All you require is a text editor and PHP installation to get things started.

Emerging Quickly

Not only me but even according to the Google trends, Laravel is considered as the most deserving framework. Perhaps, it can handle several big projects with ease and that’s the reason why more and more companies are looking around for reliable Laraveldevelopment service providers in town.

Growing at the speed of the light

Yet another spiffing reason to single out Laravel for web development is its emergence worldwide, becoming one of the developers’ favorite platforms. In the present scenario, the framework can finely take care of the top-rated projects in a simple manner and different giant companies have resorted to this PHP framework for their website design and development phase.

Follows MVC

In any development project, transparency between business logic & presentation is very important. Based on MVC architecture, Laravel comprises of plenty of built-in- functions in order to increase performance & provide a better environment.

Community support

Of course, being professional many time you might get stuck somewhere. During such situation seeking help from an experienced professional who has already gone through it and who can guide you, then development would turn out to be less painful. Laravel as a framework has a wide community, which makes it stronger player among others. In case of reporting any bug or security breach in a framework, response of community is quick.

Secure in Nature

Developing secure applications has become pretty crucial these days and Laravel has the potential to do so. With the help of Laravel’s ORM uses PDO, one can prevent SQL injections. Laravel’s csrf protection prevents cross-site request forgery. Its syntax automatically escapes any HTML entities being passed via view parameters, which prevents cross-site scripting. All you have to do is, using the proper components of the framework.

Built upon best

Build upon some of the best components of Symfony, Laravel is way better than Symfony. It uses composer as a dependency manager, which manages dependencies of various libraries in your project.

Blade Tempting

Laravel ships with blade template engine by default that allows one to use plain PHP code within your application. Moreover, it doesn’t add any overhead to your application Template Inheritance b & sections are the two primary benefits of using blades. More, Define sections, Extend views, Echo & escaping Conditional statements, looping, etc can be done through Blade engine.

Final Thoughts

Laravel is the best framework in the industry which is less known for failures. More, It runs regardless of which platform you’re running your system on. This framework is effective and promising which has created many opportunities