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"A Letter to a Friend"

  (Here's an email that I just sent to a friend of mine, I hope that you enjoy it.)

Hello Graham,

   I hope that you're well.

  I'm at the place where I need to "lay all of my cards on the table." This will either get you thinking, (Which is my intent), or it will alienate you, for how long who knows, time will tell. I'm not trying to persuade, convince or 'convert" you but I feel as though I really have nothing left to lose. I would just ask that you hold your judgement, suspend your beliefs, assumptions and conclusions for the few minutes that it will take to read this and absorb what I'm saying.

   Let's step away from the statistics, the scientific reports, the inquiries, the research, the debates and most especially the news reports, (if only for a few moments), these are a smoke screen and a distraction keeping our attention from what is actually happening.

   We are at war. No ifs, ands, or buts we are entrenched in it now and this is just the beginning. There is no "Pandemic", there is NO scientific proof to support that there is. That was the preemptive strike delivered by the weaponized media news services and orchestrated by PTB, ("Powers that be"). It is a diabolical, sinister and unconventional psychological war being waged with terrorism of an unprecedented scale. The measures being taken are all instruments to dehumanize, demoralize, subdue and most of all fill us with intense fear. I'm talking about the protocols being mandated for us by the PTB including lock-downs, masks, social distancing, isolation etc.coupled with the constant barrage of "Mis-information" and fear-mongering. Our basic human rights are being infringed upon, and it is only going to get worse. And we're allowing it to happen.Our governments which are supposed to be, "By the people and for the people" are no more and very soon to become our masters and jailers

   I know that I've said this quote before, but here it is again as I will be talking about history throughout;
   "Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it"
  - George Santayana , 1863-1952

   Well my friend, history is repeating itself, either because we don't know or understand the history, or have forgotten.

   I remember seeing a quote by Klaus Schwab a few years ago where he states, "in the year 2030 you will own nothing", and I thought that it was an interesting prediction. A few weeks ago I was researching him more deeply and I came across the quote again and I had the revelation that this was NOT a prediction; this is his plan!

   I also remember a few years ago seeing Bill Gates talking about the "Big epidemic" that mankind  would surely face during our lifetime and that he and his team were already working an vaccines and medicines to help combat this and other disasters "that we will surely be confronted with". At the time I thought it seemed like a noble effort albeit unrealistic as it is IMPOSSIBLE to predict such events and when they do occur there is no way of assessing just what the danger is until they happen, how are you going to produce a vaccine for an unknown pathogen, (Oh I was so naive). As with Klaus's quote I realized recently that this was not a prediction; this is his PLAN. And the real diabolical genius of mentioning this is that he has now "planted the seed" in our heads and while most of us have forgotten it we are much more accepting of the whole idea because the seed was planted in our subconscious. And we are now looking to him, and beholden to him for help, and a cure. Talk about a manipulation!

   Let's look at some history that may give us some perspective. Modern Man has been around for about 300,000 years, and our ancestors going back to Homo Habilis about 3.5 million years. We've been battling pathogens, bacteria, viruses for this entire time and we are still here today; stronger and evolved in part due to those battles. I believe that we carry gene memory from those battles that allow us to continue fighting. And we are fighting, every day, every minute, every second our bodies are waging a war against an onslaught of pathogens; we don't even think about it, except when we get sick. And yes we do get sick, as we have throughout our history. We have faced "plagues" before, many brutal ones that have killed many people but we're still here, we've survived up until this point without the help of any vaccines, (well until very recently, mid 1800's).

   So what's the agenda? It's the "Great Reset"; The brainstorm of Klaus Shwab, Bill Gates and a few others. But how does someone turn an entire society, the entire human race around to your own way of thinking. Traditionally it's been war, (and here we go with history again), and we all now how that goes, it's messy, very expensive, a lot of work and usually not successful. So they changed the way that war is fought..Seriously think about this; can you think of a better way to invade, divide and conquer people than what you, I and everyone else on the planet have witnessed over the last 10 months, and most people don't even realize it's a war! We are now subdued, fearful, compliant and basically prisoners in our own homes with more restrictions coming and more rights soon being taken away.

   Ian Fleming could not have written a more diabolical or sinister plot on even his best day; and the plot thickens...

The purpose of what we are seeing is to demolish the Middle class, everyone is talking about the damage that's being done, economically, psychologically, emotionally but it's not going to stop. Remember this is a war. The sole purpose is to totally obliterate the Middle Class, and it's coming quickly. This is history repeating itself...

   This is only the beginning

   The protocols being forced on us now are NOT going away, they are permanent. Isolation, masks, social distancing, lock downs, bans on gatherings, etc. These are tools to keep us subservient, compliant, and obedient; we are playing right into their hands.

   (My 5 year old grandson is forgetting what "normal" life is actually like. Think about it, 10 months of this is almost 20% of his life although the first 3 years of anyone's life there really isn't consciousness, concepts or memories. Having said that you could say that 50% of his conscious life has been spent in lock down. This is what he's being taught. He's being indoctrinated into the mindset of "The New World Order", This is rapidly becoming his new "Normal" And there's NOTHING I can do about it! He is defenseless and innocent)

   They are priming us, "softening us up" for the new "Wonder Vaccine" and for the "Great Reset". They say that the "Great Reset" will be a new dawn for mankind, a new beginning, (ever hear that before? history repeating itself). A chance to have a fresh start, an "opportunity" to make life better. BUT you will have to give some things up to get there. It will be a utopia but you won't own anything. you won't be free to make your own decisions, you won't be able to travel, unless approved, etc. All the while still in "lock down" mode, isolation, distancing, masks, etc. And in order to be part of the new kingdom of mankind it's MANDATORY that you take our vaccine, or you will be detained, imprisoned and labeled as a dissident. Now if that, along with everything else I've already said, doesn't sound like tyrannical Marxist/fascist .communism I really don't know what does. We've talked about the vaccine before but I will tell you now that I will absolutely refuse it, knowing that I will be detained and sent off to an isolation camp, and when the time comes that they try to force it on me I will fight to the death, literally, I don't trust their motivations, agenda, or the toxic cocktail they're calling a "vaccine". I trust my genetic memory of hundreds of millennia over a best case scenario of a rushed and untested vaccine, or worse case scenario, a diabolic intentional poisoning or "reprogramming" of my genetics, (or any other questionable experimentation).


   (this is the title from a friend of mine who wrote an excellent article on this topic and used this title although he did not extrapolate as far down the road as I'm doing here)

     I haven't said it in so many words but it is the Elitists that are trying to take over the world, the top 0.5% of the social/financial/"royal" structure, the rest of us are just the "herd".

    I believe that there will be 3 vaccines. "Vaccine A" For the ruling class. Will be a placebo, saline solution possibly colored with food coloring for effect. There will be a big roll-out of the new vaccine with great fanfare and celebration, world leaders will appear on national television and take the vaccine publicly to instill faith and hope to the people, probably say something clever after the shot like, "Oh, I feel better already!".

   People, who have been terrorized into a panic will be "chomping at the bit", (they already are), to get in line to get their's, especially now after seeing their "leaders" taking them so bravely....

   Before we continue let's take a closer look at "The Great Reset". It aims to build a more conscious society, eliminate the use of fossil fuels, (that's.a good thing), minimize our carbon footprint, change our eating habits, (yes they will dictate to us what we can eat), minimize Global warming, (although that debate is still on too),. I will use Klaus's quote again and expand, he says, "In the year 2030 you will own nothing, and you will be happy", (is that an order?). Life will be much more mechanized,, (think about the people involved, they have far more resources than any of us can imagine, who knows what kind of technology, machines, AI, VACCINES, they have built behind closed doors over the years, and YES this plan has been in the making for YEARS). and convenient, we will all have much more leisure time. There will be no more "economy" as we know it, no more money. it will all be based on bitcoin and chain-block connected to a microchip in our bodies that senses how much we work and how much we produce and will reward us accordingly, (seriously Graham this is a thing and I have the technical paper that I can forward to you if you want to see it)

   For all of those in the "herd" underneath the ruling 0.5% there will be "Vaccine B", for obedience, compliance, (possible genetic experimentation),, with God knows what kind of genetic modifications, electronic nano bytes, etc.all the while keeping the "pandemic" threat over everyone's head to insure constant access with new vaccines, possibly yearly.

   So with no Middle Class, and most of the jobs being taken by automation and machinery it seems that most of us will become redundant... Another aspect, will this utopia be able to support 7.8 billion people sitting around in their cubicles interacting via the internet, (because we're social distancing), consuming all of the resources and making the the plan of reducing global warming and our carbon footprint more difficult. So we arrive at another agenda of the "Great Reset", the issue of overpopulation. Enter "Vaccine C", only one job for this vaccine, Termination! And I'm thinking possibly up to 80% of mankind. Easy write off, blame it on the "New experimental wonder vaccine", but hey they're trying for us. Seriously this is where the data I have researched and my logic has brought me. There is no other way that.this scenario plays out.
   History is repeating itself, you've heard of "The Third Reich", in Klaus's own words he's calling this "The 4th Industrial Revolution". "The Great Reset" is a reincarnation of Hitler's "Final Solution" only instead of millions of lives we're talking billions, literally, no exaggeration.
"A Letter to a Friend"

   So Graham, this is where I've come with this, this is where my logic has brought me. I really, truly hope this doesn't happen, I would seriously be the happiest man alive and be quite content living out my days in the psychiatric ward pumped up on Thorazine playing checkers with my cellmate, but I don't believe that my future is that bright. I am most fearful for my grandson, this is not the world I want for him, it's not the world i want for anyone but it is history repeating itself, the never ending cycles over and over again. I just hope that in their unbridled audacity and arrogance they don't actually wipe out mankind. We will get it right one of these cycles

   Have a great day and talk soon,


Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris Dec 5, 2020 · #35

#34 SQ = spiritual intelligence. Here is a great resource for it, which I've read back in the day: https://archive.org/details/spiritualintelli00dana

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Fay Vietmeier Dec 5, 2020 · #34

#33 @Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris
Sorry for the delay Zacharias
Thanks for the answer:
Intelligence, as I define it here, is the combination of three factors (intelligences): philosophical, mechanical, and mathematical. SQ,

"SQ" ??

I'll visit your new post ..

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Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris Nov 29, 2020 · #33

#31 Good question! Intelligence, as I define it here, is the combination of three factors (intelligences): philosophical, mechanical, and mathematical. SQ, which have a more official definition is related to the philosophical one, though in my newest article it relates to the collaborative intelligence. Cheers

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Fay Vietmeier Nov 29, 2020 · #32

@Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris
We are at war.

The enemy is invisible but as real as the air we breath. (though it too is unseen)

Ephesians 6 lays out the battle:
"our struggle is not against flesh and blood,
but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms"

"spiritual forces of evil" ... I would call them "enemies"
"They are adversaries, and they come in layers." @Joyce 🐝 Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee
(although that is not what Joyce was talking about her words fit)

The Fractal State of Humanity: hidden forces for us & against us

The “Good News” is that there is a Force for you.
"For the battle is not yours, but God's"
2 Chronicles 20

The question is for us is awareness & preparedness

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Fay Vietmeier Nov 29, 2020 · #31

#25 @Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris
You say:
"For me, intelligence is three-fold and one very important part of it is spiritual intelligence (SQ) which involves morality, primarily"
Zacharias would you take a moment to briefly explain “intelligence is three-fold”?
.. you did explain
"spiritual intelligence"

Which to me means being spiritually awake .. seeking with my spirt - God's Holy Spirit

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Fay Vietmeier Nov 29, 2020 · #30

@Cyndi wilkins
(part 2)

Cyndi ~ your words are like “apples of gold in settings of silver” Proverbs 25
You rightly say:
“We have operated without the perception of the holiness of all things”
“the world has become cold” (this Jesus prophesied)
“Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold.” Matthew 24

“There IS a Divine order in everything”
“all things have been created through him and for him. He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.”
Colossians 1 (the Supremacy of Christ)

“Mother Nature” reports to Father God ;~)

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Fay Vietmeier Nov 29, 2020 · #29

#23 @Cyndi wilkins
(your words resonate)
I share these lines from:

"Breaking Free"

Have you noticed this is an age of arrogance?

It has given birth to a culture of IGNORANCE

Where youth, too soon, lose their INNOCENCE

While our schools indoctrinate ... “SAMENESS”

Insolence & ambivalence produces mindlessness

Poison platitudes ... fuel attitudes of dissidence

LAWLESSNESS is selfishness turned villainous

The world is leading you into the MATRIX

The Enemy is deceiving you and plays tricks

... on your mind to take control of your life ...

... to rob you of peace and fill you with STRIFE


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#25 I wrote this article after realizing there would be little help in subverting this trend. It seems persons all want the last word on these things--many portray themselves as experts after doing none of the work.


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