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Food for thought...

Food for thought...

   Yes, we are in crazy times.

   "Perspective" is a topic I'm always discussing...

   There are those of you out there that are "rolling with the punches", (and yes you know who you are). Just another "adjustment" on the road of life. But, "what is life?".

 I've had far too much going on in my life in the last while, but here's something that does give me some perspective.

   Possibly soon I may come up with something original, (although there is a work in progress about my self isolation during this COVID-19 pandemic, I like the title of "Fear and Loathing in Fort Saskatchewan"), my can/bottle return for the first 5 weeks of self isolation was $53! (and that was by myself!).

   I'm  not even going to get into the fact that our now legalized cannabis stores are considered an "essential service", hence open every day,  is an incredible advancement from the past, (just thought of another post...), I picked up some "Mango Taffie" today, frigging amazing, (rated at 22% THC), what else are you going to do during self quarantine?

   I'm especially curious as to Ian Weinberg's, and Cyndi wilkins" perception of this article. Would be very interested to hear your reflections on this.

 Here's the link...


   I sincerely hope that everyone is well during this growing period...

Fay Vietmeier Jun 27, 2020 · #19

#18 @Randall Burns
I am well ...
While I take walks ... swim ( only one pool open thus far near me)
many bees buzz through my mind ... which often includes you ;~)
you say: "far too much going on in my life" ... a few words but I'm sure there is a volume of thoughts ;~)

Have wondered if the Lodge where you are Chef remained - remains open?
... one of my clients owns many hotels ... hard hit by the "corona crush" ... oh, that might be a good name for cannabis (they do offer inviting & clever names)

Hope your grandson, Bryce is well ... that you are getting some quality time together

One post comes to mind you may enjoy ...
The Pearl-holder & the field of bees"

Yes "we are in crazy times" ... no matter where we call "home"
... my bee-friends are always in my prayers ;~)

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Randall Burns Jun 27, 2020 · #18

#16 @Fay Vietmeier Always a pleasure to hear from you. I have been very out of touch in these crazy times, your latest posts are on my lists. Hope that you're well and great to hear from you

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Randall Burns Jun 27, 2020 · #17

#14 OMG! @Praveen Raj Gullepalli I just got notification of your comment now! Great to hear from you buddy. I hope that you're well

Fay Vietmeier Jun 26, 2020 · #16

#7 @Randall Burns

Considering the source "Chef" ... great title ;~) and good to see you writing ... although this is brief coming from a "deep well"
Truth in humor ;~)
"We finally had "Cinco de Mayo" coinciding with "Taco Tuesday" this year but a sickness named after a Mexican beer prevented us from celebrating it"
What is deemed "essential" is laughable if not double-minded ... what is "essential" for one may not be for another
... here in PA (USA) the Governor closed the liquor stores
... but beer distributors were open and thriving
... the "Medical" Marijuana Dispensaries ... "essential" ...

The day the state stores were to close ... the lines stretched out of the state
Lessons from history:
... Prohibition NEVER works
"Food for thought"
Whether it's chocolate, potato chips ... beer ... tacos or THC ...
"Our affections bribe our discernment"
Be the master ... not the slave
I did not read that post yet about the brain ... but will
The brain is a fractal as are human beings ... marvel & mystery ... majesty
Our mind & consciousness FAR exceeds what we perceive
Which brought to mind books by Dr Eben Alexander ... a neurologist who had a NDE @Cyndi wilkins mentioned him ... I was prompted to read both of his books because of her sharing one of his videos'

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Praveen Raj Gullepalli Jun 4, 2020 · #14

Hey RBee man! Keep puffing away at the bare essentials of life and tell us all about it in your next big insight-blitz! The lockdown and the incessant WFH has surely flattened the curve...but at the bottom! My chair needs a new cushion and so do I mate ;)

As Doc hinted, I believe consciousness extends far, and wide. Our thoughts, spurred by perpetual sensory pings from objects and experiences, hem its outflow.

Happy surfing with the aliens buddy!

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Praveen Raj Gullepalli Jun 4, 2020 · #13

#6 Wait..lemme get that straight...now where the heck is mah pipe...!!

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Praveen Raj Gullepalli Jun 4, 2020 · #12

#2 As long as the wacky backy don't make one tacky, everything jusss chewbaccy! :)

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Jerry Fletcher Jun 1, 2020 · #11

#10 Randall, As well as can be expected but things are looking up. I have an appointment for a haircut next Saturrday....the earliest I could get in!

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