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"Tales from Paradise" (The Poem), Chapter 2

Suggested reading; "Tales from Paradise" (The Poem) Chapter 1


"Tales from Paradise" (The Poem), Chapter 2

Well it’s been almost a year

Since I last brought you cheer

This is just a reminder

For us all to be kinder

We are all blessed

Just have to try our best

To see all of the beauty

There’s no need to be snooty

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not giving advice

But life is an absolute paradise!

I will continue from where I left off

Please bear with me and try not to scoff

If you’re not “in the loop” and need to catch up with the fun

Take my suggestion and read chapter one


I talk about my travels, places and experiences

What makes life exciting is all of our differences

From the Arctic to Caribbean and other places too

I’ve been all around, except Timbuktu

As I said in the previous post these collections of possessions are all just a myth

None of this matter without people, friends and family to share it with

I will reiterate, even though it’s only been a trice

Life is a wonderful paradise!

So here we all are in our cyber-paradise

We call it beBee, and everyone is so nice

Such a wealth of knowledge, expertise and perspectives

All gathered here in one extreme collective

Where to begin, how do I start?

I guess with my favorites, they are a breed apart

Javier 🐝 beBee he's still the "Top Dog"

"Shaking & Moving" so we can all Blog!

                                                                                                                Harvey Lloyd  is steadfast, like the Rock of Gibraltar 

As are his advice and insights, they never falter 

But I’m more interested in knowing how your bread making is going

Do I need to write more “Food Porn” to get your creative juices flowing?

Gert Scholtz writes great stuff like “A Long Jump in Time”

But at our age I think a “Short jump” is fine

(Hey! Wait a minute… I already used that last year… Damnit!...

…give me a minute…)…


Gert Scholz writes great stuff like “The Mystery of Time”

Just read it, you’ll see, his work is sublime

One of my favorites is Ian Weinberg, his thoughts and perspectives are most profound

A progressive thinker and avid writer his posts just leave me spellbound

It would be my pleasure sir to share a drink

To pick your brain and see how you think

But the burning question in my mind and this is not coming from vanity

Is how a man of your stature maintains your sanity?


Ken Boddie is quite active and he’s a very nice guy

He possess's great humor which can be a little wry

But watch out as his puns will surely make you cry

   Hey Wayne Yoshida take a look on the Barby

Yes those are Moose ribs, but they’re all gone, so sorry

Why don't you fire up the “Big Green Egg”

And maybe try cooking this JPeg


   Our resident Doyen is Mr. Jim Murray

   His sharp wit has the bite of a spicy curry

   Phil Friedman is another great mind and blogger

   I hope to join you one day for a lager

It's these two great minds that co-write the series, 

"He said..He said"

 Haven't seen one lately, what happened with that boys? 

  You put it to bed?

Liesbeth Leysen, MSc. beBee Brand Ambassador is a romantic with a big heart

Check out her stories they are pure art

But what won me over was her well wishing to all men

On International Women’s Day; of all days, Amen!

Renée 🐝 Cormier writes sincerely about her new companion “Beau”

That’s paradise! But he’s all white so don’t lose him in the snow

   (as a "dog person" I know. :-))

   There is a group of people that I'm going to lump in together

Healers, therapists, alternative thinkers and positive "go-getters"

Cyndi wilkinsDeb 🐝 HelfrichSara JacoboviciDeb🐝 Lange, Brand Ambassador @beBeeJoanne Gardocki, Deborah Levine

  You teach me, challenge me, and you keep me entertained

   I liken it to extreme sports for my spirit and my brain

   Here's something that you may appreciate, uniquely "Canuck"

   It's in my garden, it's my "Buddha-Inukshuk"

Savvy Raj is a great poet, dancer and philosopher too

Check out her profile and articles to view

🐝 Fatima G. Williams is another great gal

   I think you and Savvy are pen pals?

(The pics of you two in UAE were great :-))

 Chris 🐝 Guest Cert.Prof.Acc.SA sends us music videos

 Great to listen to while I’m eating cheerios

 Another great storyteller is Pascal Derrien

   Although he's a CEO some of his thoughts could be construed as contrarian

   (in a good way Pascal, :-))

How much fun is Nicole Chardenet?

She writes about modern dating malaise

With wit and humor she addresses all topics

I react like I’ve taken some good psychotropics

But when George Clooney calls and “says stuff”

I ROTFL with uncontrollable guffaws!

Here’s a secret I learned from this book

Why don’t you try it Nicole? It just might work

   Claire L Cardwell is an architect and her posts are very intricate

With pictures and plans of beautiful structures, polished to please any sophisticate

But the thought that I can’t get out of my head, which prompts my “inner wolf” to howl

Is the visual of you and Nicole Chardonet out for a “Night on the Prowl”

Renoy K. George is another new friend, professional blogger/strategic communicator

His writings are insightful and helpful; I’d call him an educator

But I’m looking forward to the day that we finally meet

When I’ll make you a curry that has some serious REAL HEAT!

Bill King's an engineer, (and/or technician), but he also writes too

He happily wishes everyone, “May the Forth be with You”

He talks about “Homophones” and homonyms like they’re a big deal

It’s all great stuff Bill but I have to ask; are you “Faux Real”?

Susan 🐝 Rooks, the Grammar Goddess,  is known for her “Friday Funday”

Humor to carry you all the way through to Sunday

You do a great job and I’m sure that it’s tough

But I’m still waiting for you to critique my stuff

Debasish Majumder is a poet extraordinaire

Your writing is great, you certainly have flair

You support other Bees with your constant shares

That kind of loyalty can't be found elsewhere 

For Praveen Raj Gullepalli my friend
Here is a rhyme for you which I hope doesn't offend
I hope that you're well, and enjoyed the weekend
I wish through all your troubles you are able to transcend 

Our Traveling writer Paul Walters is here, and there, and everywhere
His bills must be huge because of the airfare
I appreciate your posts as they always entice
Because they show us your viewpoints of Paradise

   Hey Don Philpott☘️ we haven't heard from you in a while
   Hope that you're well and wearing a big smile 

Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee is prolific
All of your thoughts and writing are terrific
His last few posts deal with Leaders and Illusions
Your ideas and concepts lead me to incredible conclusions

I need to mention CityVP 🐝 Manjit here
Another giant in the intellectual sphere
You're a toastmaster hence your dialogue is like ballet
Your concepts and insights simply blow me away

 The insights and knowledge of Ali and City's intellect
  Will require a lifetime for me to reflect

So many Bees, so little time
But seriously I'm running out of rhymes
This is already too long
And while you ALL belong
I'll catch more of you on the next one
Take comfort in the fact
That this post is jam-packed
It's been a real slice
And remember that Life is a Paradise!

And finally a “plug” for my grandson Bryce

As some of you know he’s now my paradise

Here’s an early picture for all of you to see

Holy Cow! Look at him now! He’s already three!

Wow does time ever go fast, and it just goes faster and faster

Count your blessings and see the paradise NOW, or you will miss out on all that matters

I Thank You ALL for your patience and time
It's getting way past my bed-time
This post for me
As it is with be Bee
Is it's own little piece of Paradise
But just a small piece, a minuscule slice
Compared to what's out there beyond this page

Remember that the glass is always half full
And it's always partly sunny

I'm going to finish this up
Without a hiccup
With the final few lines from the first chapter


 "As I say on my profile page, to the letter
   "I'm lovin' life cause it just keeps getting better"
   Who's to say how or why we're here
   If nothing else at least enjoy the beer
   All of our times come soon enough
   There really is no point to bluff

   So as you continue on your busy day
   I hope there's one thought that you take away
   When all is said and done
   You are the ONLY one
   That allows you to be redefined
   "Paradise is a State of Mind"

(Photo credits - Randy Burns)

   Happy Cooking Everyone!

Paul Walters 25/8/2018 · #51

Thanks Randall been travelling ( as always ) and missed this one somehow. Thanks for the shout out!!!


Love your energy @Randall Burns - it is great to sense how your life just gets better and better.

+2 +2
Randall Burns 22/5/2018 · #49

#47 Thank you so much @Susan 🐝 Rooks, the Grammar Goddess Great to hear from you!

+1 +1

Wow. Just wow. What an excellent piece from @Randall Burns! So many mentioned, so much humor. Love it!

+2 +2

OMG, @Randall Burns! What an amazing story and poem, and thanks so much for including me! Yikes. How much time did it take to create that one! And look at all the stars you mentioned ... wow.

+2 +2
Randall Burns 22/5/2018 · #46

#45 Absolutely @Joanne Gardocki Great to hear from you.

Joanne Gardocki 22/5/2018 · #45

Hey, @Randall Burns you are such fun! Love the poetry and pictures. Thank you for sharing your slice of paradise and making it big enough for all of us to join. The opportunity to share thoughts in commentary is like dancing with words. Thank you for the mention and twirl around the dance floor. Keep on sharing your unique spin seasoned with Buddha and moose ribs!

+2 +2
Randall Burns 14/5/2018 · #44

#40 Great to hear from you @Nicole Chardenet Glad you enjoyed it, just glad I didn't piss you off. :-)