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Why I Write

Why I Write


 Why I Write

I have been pondering this query/statement lately and truth be told I have to admit;

I am NOT a writer!

Having said that however I have to say that I’m NOT a lot of things;

- I’m not a Sailor

- I’m not a naturalist/biologist/environmentalist

- I’m not a philosopher/psychologist

- I’m not a photographer

- I’m not a mechanic/engineer/builder/carpenter

- I’m not an athlete that thrives on competition

- I’m not a teacher/mentor

- I’m not a leader

BUT I really enjoy all of these things, and more…

I am a Cook!

   I have no agendas; I’m not looking for a job, (I already have a good one), I’m not selling anything, I really don’t feel the need to have a “Personal Brand”, (actually still trying to get my head around that concept),and I’m not soliciting anything; my life is complete, overflowing as a matter of fact.

   Having said that I think it is an advantage to NOT be a writer and NOT have an agenda when writing. There are no expectations, no performance anxiety, and no obligations to fulfill. So why write? This is the conundrum that I am contemplating.

   We are “communicators” and we are expressive social beings, have been for thousands of years. The oldest known writing/art is 40,000 years old, The El Castillo Cave paintings. It could be argued that this is not “writing” proper, but I interpret it as such.

   It is hand drawn communication that evokes an emotional response from me. When I look at the silhouette of that human hand on the wall, reaching out to me from 40,000 years ago it touches my soul and stirs up some deep seated emotions inside of me, I can feel that hand touching me, reaching to me from eons ago, and light years away. We have a history with “writing”, unique to our species.

   My attitude towards writing has always been clinical in that it was a skill that I used as needed, to fulfill obligatory communications, (mostly on a professional level), and I am proficient enough at this “chore” that I performed the needed tasks satisfactorily albeit without much joy or satisfaction. My job required far more verbal communication skills which with practice over the years I have become proficient.


  I’m realizing while writing this that my perspective is incorrect, (just one of many epiphanies I’m having while writing this); writing truly is an art form and as with all art forms it communicates to us and for us. (Actually I think I came to this realization a couple of years ago but it has crystallized clearly in my mind now. I will touch upon this point shortly). Writing not only teaches and informs us but also elicits emotional responses as well as reactions from our more nebulous senses.

   Cooking is a vocation that requires constant training/teaching/mentoring, over the years I’ve gotten into the habit when teaching of starting out by saying,

   “A wise Chef once told me...”

   And then follow that opening remark with the appropriate lesson/skill/philosophy that I was teaching.


   It was about 4 years ago in the kitchen when I had just finished one of my “Journeys into knowledge” with some of my staff and one of my cooks/protégés, who was either overwhelmed with the collective vast knowledge of all of the Chefs that I’ve worked under throughout my career, or he was just tired of hearing me say that same catchphrase one too many times, looked at me and said,

   “You know Chef; you really need to write this shit down”.

   That was a catalyst that opened the floodgates. After work I sat at my computer and the words just poured out of me, and it hasn’t stopped since. This is when my perspective about “writing” changed drastically, it became fun and educational. Perhaps my “reservoir” of experiences, thoughts and emotions had finally filled to capacity and now it was time to let them out, to express and communicate them. So here I am over the last couple of years writing nonstop while I’m still leading a very busy life but the question remains; Why?


I’ve been a very prolific reader throughout my life because of the entertainment and educational aspects. I’m finding the same attributes with writing, especially with blogging due to the interaction and feedback. I’m learning every time that I write.

    Initially I planned on writing a book, doesn’t everyone? So how do I get feedback on what I’ve done? I wrote and rewrote chapters and sent a few out to a select group of close friends and colleagues, (It’s about the psychology/philosophy of the professional kitchen, some of my posts are from this project), and amongst the positive feedback that I received were suggestions to start a “blog” and/or circulate on social media. Of course my initial reaction was, "WTF is a Blog?"

. The rest is history, I started out on LinkedIn 3 years ago, (I won’t say any more about that), and I’ve been here on beBee for 10 months now, (with 27 posts), and it just keeps getting more Entertaining and Educational!

    There are some incredible and talented writers here on beBee and my learning curve has increased/accelerated dramatically, (possibly my writing has improved over the past few months as well), and along with the learning there are some very entertaining writers. The point is this is an incredible resource here for me to tap into, so much knowledge for me to glean along with a wide variety of perspectives to ponder. I’m like a “kid in a candy store”.

   The engagement and interactions here on beBee really are phenomenal. A few “Honorable mentions”, examples of what I’m talking about and some things that I’ve learned.

   Jim Murray has been referred to as the “Doyen”, (I had to look that word up and YES I agree), here on beBee, there is not any one particular post of his that I could refer to as they are ALL educational, entertaining and laced with Jim’s unique perspectives, I can relate to Jim in many ways, (The 70’s were very good to me as well). Jim has the knack to communicate the maximum amount of information with the minimum amount of verbiage and that to me is the sign of a great writer. 

   Jim is generous in spreading the knowledge and has many helpful insights but 2 points that really hit home for me are;

"Write about what you know"
"Write for yourself, don't write for other people"

Actually I believe it's his "I don't give a shit" attitude about what other people think that's rubbing off on me. (I like it!) These perspectives have helped me to ‘spread my wings.


    Thank God for our resident watchdog, Phil Friedman, standing at the gates vigilantly monitoring the encroaching threat of “Skynet” and “AI”. I for one am sleeping better at night knowing this. :-) Seriously, Phil’s writing is very down to earth, no nonsense, and informative. He is level headed and the antithesis of the “Chicken Little Syndrome”. He covers a wide range of topics that interest me but I am enjoying this particular series;


 It is fascinating stuff, and I’m learning.

    I do have to say that Phil has an inane fear, dare I say “phobia”? Regarding metaphors, similes and analogy;


I’m looking forward to his reaction to some of the more “flowery” passages in this post.


(Phil also claims that he doesn’t have a sense of humor but I’ve frequently LMFAO in some of our dialogues. An example of a typical “Philism” is that if he says “LMFAO” that translates to “Laughing my fucking Asimov”, all you Sci-Fi geeks, like me, out there will get that)



 This is the perfect Segway to introduce the “Grumpy & Grouchy Show”, the series of “He said, He said”, pitting Jim Murray and Phil Friedman in friendly debate on various topics, again great learning experience with high marks for entertainment. 

   I think that the next debate you two should have is “What defines “Science Fiction” and “Science Fantasy” or more correctly what differentiates the 2 from each other”, and which genre should “AI” fall under.

   As I said I learn every time that I write, I learn about the world, I learn about myself. This article is somewhat of a soul search to figure out what’s driving me and I’m getting a clearer picture by the hour, seriously. I read Ian Weinberg's new Buzz last night;


   And it was an epiphany.

   In typical Ian fashion he explained clearly the mechanics of my brain functions at that particular moment in time, (I hopped over to read it while I was/am writing this, Holy Crap! Things happen a lot faster these days than they used to). LMAO! (see Einstein quote).

    Ian has many other insightful offerings but it is his approach that I really appreciate. He is mindful and conscious in both his postings and interactions in the comment sections. When Ian speaks I always listen and learn something new.

   Gert Scholtz is another prolific writer that I’ve learned a lot from, again all of his posts are worth visiting, (and no I haven’t read them all but they are on my “bucket list”), but this is his latest where he promotes others and writes comprehensive guidelines to help everyone out.

    He lists the key to marketing as “the 2 P’s and the 2 B’s of marketing” = “The People and Platform of beBee”, I would like to add to that and apply it to "writing", (I hope you don’t mind Gert). “The 2 E’s, 2 P’s and 2 B’s of Writing”, “The Educational, Entertaining People and Platform of beBee”. Seriously as a NON-writer this formula is working friggin miracles for me!


   I can really relate to Paul "Pablo" Croubalian, he’s a Cook too, here’s his latest, again a helpful clever promotion to help everyone out


   Paul's another extremely intelligent Bee that helps, supports, teaches whenever, and you're a funny guy!

Charlene Norman reminds us that we ALL have “Mucho Grandes Cojones”, and that we should use them, Thank You for that!


   Don 🐝 Kerr's latest reflects the basic premise of “K.I.S.S.”, (Keep It Simple Stupid) https://www.bebee.com/producer/@don-kerr/the-wisdom-of-paul-rand-and-why-you-should-never-cheap-out-on-design 

   Nicole Chardenet’s very entertaining and enjoyable series on dating, Thanks for laughs and the memories of Toronto! (Oh if I was 10 years younger and single I’d set up a profile on “Spinal Tap”, with pictures, that would knock your socks off!)


Lisa Vanderburg’s post that I read tonight reflects a lot of the sentiments I’m expressing here. 


    Obviously I’m not the only one that has these perceptions of being here, there is a lot of appreciation going on. And these posts have just come up in the last couple of days! That is the one drawback is that my “bucket list” of things to read is growing far faster than my ability to keep up, LMAO

   I enjoy and learn from the perspectives of Harvey Lloyd, his views on managing and Leadership are enlightening. He has numerous well written pieces and here is his latest very thought provoking one;


   As auspicious as this is, I've just read Savvy Raj's new Buzz posted not 10 minutes ago and as with all of her posts it is beautiful and poignant;


   What is incredible is that you've captured my feelings, at this very moment Savvy, Auspicious indeed! If I may quote a small excerpt from this delightful piece;


"To care to fine tune your skills to artistry

Is to perfect the preciseness of the point of view

Envision this profoundness in the spaces in between

Of thought and action

In conviction and creation"


   Does anyone else feel like this when they're writing?

   I've had great interactions with Deb 🐝 Helfrich, Deb🐝 Lange, Brand Ambassador @beBee, Sara Jacobovici, and Cyndi wilkins. They've helped me to expand my paradigm of my perceptions, always a challenge but in a good way. Both with their own articles and with dialogues in the comment box.

   Don Philpott☘️ writes some very helpful tech stuff geared towards Neanderthals such as myself. Much appreciated Don!

   I always appreciate the input from Lisa 🐝 Gallagher, 🐝 Fatima G. Williams, Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador, all of these perspectives add and build to my ever expanding base.

   Paul Walters is our travel guru, I'm seeing the world vicariously through your eyes, and your pen, (I guess it's keyboard these days). He's also our "Man on the ground" for Volcano watch. Keep us posted buddy.

   Ken Boddie's input is like a "breath of fresh farts", always friggin hilarious, makes me laugh ALL the time, and again an amazing writer.

    Ali Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee, is an incredible writer with some amazing perspectives, again I have most of your work on my "Bucket List" and will work my way through it. I do appreciate Ali's constant support and engaged interaction with everyone. Do you remember in one of our dialogues Ali when I told you that it was the Bees like yourself that inspire me to write, without that I would have no reason to.

   Here is a pivotal point, Inspiration. It is inspiring to be in this environment, and in turn I want to inspire everyone else.

   These examples are just the "tip of the iceberg" of my experience here on beBee, and my adventure into writing. I have to admit my interactions with Everyone here has been incredible.

   Obviously I’m extremely appreciative of the amazing talent that I’m surrounded with here, but that talent is also generous, forthcoming and supportive. How could I not want to write in an environment like this?

   As I stated this particular article was a journey of discovery for me and I must admit that I have been somewhat enlightened, literally by the minute. 

   Here is my conclusion.

    "Writing is EASY, it is natural; it is ingrained into us and inherent in our beings. It flows as easily as a babbling brook over smooth river stones, comes as naturally as the rain falling from a thunder storm, and proceeds as relentlessly and effortlessly as our world spins and tumbles through space. Everyone is capable of writing, IT’S NOT HARD! Our spirits and souls are the reservoirs of our experiences, emotions, concepts, ideas, wants and desires coupled with our minds that are the eternal spring bubbling with creation and expression constantly, impossible to shut off.

   The real crux of the problem is getting that shit out of our head and onto the fucking paper, that is the difficult journey, the long and winding path that never ends, and therein lays the true challenge. That is the stumbling block that stops most people before they’ve even written one word, how in the world do you get it from your head to the paper? Accomplishing that feat is what makes one a writer. Writing is the art of translating/deciphering/simplifying your vast “reservoir” to that simple blank sheet of paper”.

   I’ve always loved a challenge!

   I’m enjoying writing for the entertainment and the education that it’s bringing me. I’m enjoying the interactions through blogging; it is a new venture for me. Over the last couple of years I’ve accumulated a couple of thousand pages, have 3 distinct book concepts in various stages of development, (“A Wise Chef once told me…”, “Tales from Paradise”, and the latest brainstorm “The E-Sensual Cook”), and a few more that I would classify as “nebulous”, 30 published articles and over 40 more at various stages of completion in my “vault” on my desktop, and the ideas just keep piling up on a daily basis, faster than I can spit them out and get them into my “vault”.

   Is anything ever going to happen with all this material? Am I ever going to publish anything serious? Does anyone really care or more importantly does it really matter?

   Whether it happens or it doesn’t it’s OK, it’s all good; 


   Because I’m really, seriously NOT a writer! :-)

   But I’ll keep writing for the pure enjoyment, education and entertainment.

   Happy Cooking Everyone!

#60 I didn't see the comment, @Randall Burns, but I had seen the video a while back -- and it is hysterical! Thanks for reminding me of it!

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Randall Burns 10/8/2018 · #62

Hey @Susan 🐝 Rooks, the Grammar Goddess I don't know if you saw this yet but check out the great video that City posted on comment #60, it really reminded me of you, I think you'll get a kick out of it, . :-)

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Randall Burns 25/5/2018 · #61

#60 HaHa! LMAO!!! @CityVP 🐝 Manjit That's a great video! Wonder if @Susan 🐝 Rooks, the Grammar Goddess is familiar with this video? This is right up her alley!

Thanks for the feedback and support City, always appreciated!

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CityVP 🐝 Manjit 25/5/2018 · #60

Great to read this again six months on. Now I will encourage you to become a writer. Let Weird Al Yankovich show you the way https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Gv0H-vPoDc

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Randall Burns 2/3/2018 · #59

#58 Thanks @Javier 🐝 beBee Much appreciated!

Javier 🐝 beBee 2/3/2018 · #58

Sharing again

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Randall Burns 9/12/2017 · #57

#54 #55 #56, Thanks for the great response and feedback @Louise Smith, much appreciated. I see that we have many of the same interests and yes they do flow together like the flavors of Tiramisu, (Loving all the cooking analogies, they work)

+2 +2
Louise Smith 9/12/2017 · #56


As I am a communicator, I am a writer!

I love writing ! Having said that I have to say that I love a lot of things;

- I am a Sailor

- I am an amateur naturalist/biologist/environmentalist

- I am a philosopher/psychologist

- I am a photographer

- I am a player of board games involving logic not chance

- I am a constructor of gardens, clothes and craft work

- I am a teacher/mentor

- I am a leader

AND I am also a Cook!

Most of us have many skills and talents that flow into each other like the flavours of Tiramisu

+2 +2