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PHP or ASP.NET! Which one is better?

PHP or ASP.NET! Which one is better?

PHP and ASP.NET, both are widely used technologies in web development. Whereas, PHP being a most popular script programming language, There is ASP.NET which is a service side web application framework developed by Microsoft, can be used across any language which supports .NET. They both are open-source(only web hosting is chargeable in ASP.NET) server-side web development technologies serving with their benefits in web development. And this has been the major reason for developers being confused about which best one to choose out of these two. In case you are a business owner and planning to get your business website created then for your consideration I have listed out some of the features related to these web development tools in comparison to each other .

By going through these you will be able to choose the technology depending upon your expectations from your website. Depending upon your decision you can choose any of the .NET or
PHP development company to get your website developed.

Features: Suitable for Websites-
ASP.NET- This web development framework serves medium and large-sized businesses ' web solutions like enterprise-level websites, Intranet, etc.
PHP -It is used by small to medium-sized businesses like Startups, Independable software vendors, Billing and invoices sites, etc

Security- ASP.NET- It is more focused on site security and functionalities. It is known for the high security it offers to its customers. It allows developers to know about the mistake in coding before the compilation.
PHP- Its main motive is to provide good user experience concentrating more on customer-facing user interfaces and is less secure compared to ASP.NET due to the customization which can also bring up bugs

Both the technologies are highly scalable whereas it also depends upon the developers how good can they enhance the features of the technology they are using.
ASP.NET- Being lesser-known in popularity and more demanding than PHP, it is little difficult to learn but it does not mean you can not find ASP.NET experts in the market
PHP- PHP being free to learn and imply, it is loved by most of the developers. This language holds the lowest learning curves, and get easy to find experts in the market. There are many PHP development companies available in the market to serve your needs.

Speed and Performance-
Whenever it came to choose one out of these two, it was always a myth that PHP is a poor performer. But In fact, both the technologies are well equipped with accessing file systems, bandwidth, finding images, and displaying pages on a web server and user’s computer, etc.

ASP.NET- It offers decent speed and is fast enough to run a web application
PHP- It is not the right option for desktop applications (which is one of its main disadvantages) as it is not as speedy as ASP.NET but that does not mean it can not support humongous sites. Facebook is written in PHP and working successfully over the years is one of the biggest examples of PHP’s performance

Customization- ASP.NET- It does not allow developers to customize enough according to the prerequisites of the business owner
PHP- It is highly customizable giving best of the user experience to the customers

In bottom Line-
I hope, above discussed comparison has brought you out of the dilemma of which technology to choose. They both are good in their ways in terms of the business case and occupy large shares in web development respectively. And once you are done choosing your web development solution you can hire any .NET or
PHP development company to get your job done by expert developers. So choose wisely and get ready to reap the benefits. Good Luck!

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