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They Did It, Dad! Your Cubs Are World Series Champs

They Did It, Dad! Your Cubs Are World Series Champs This picture says it all for Cub fans. After 108 years, they can finally say their team has won the World Series, again, ending the longest championship drought in the history of Major League Baseball.
Last night, the Chicago Cubs beat the Cleveland Indians 8-7 in 10 innings.
Many analysts are now saying there has never been a better game 7.
And, of course, they accomplished the feat in typical Cub fashion.
The Cub's leadoff batter hit a homerun to start the game, but the die-hard Indians would keep coming back.
What appeared to be a near-certain victory for the Cubs, who lead 6-3 going into the 8th inning, turned into a tie following an Indian's two-run homer. 
That would be followed by a rain delay, giving Cub fans time to reflect upon their long-suffering history, complete with a myriad of perceived curses. Would fate once again steal defeat from the jaws of victory?
But, apparently, nothing could stop them this time.
They rallied for two more runs in the 10th inning to regain the lead at 8-6. However, the Indians staged another comeback in the bottom of the 10th, only to fall one run short, turning the once "Lovable Losers" into World Series Champions by a score of 8-7.
My 90-year-old, Chicago-born father can finally boast, for the first time ever, that his team was the year's best.
Congratulations, Dad. And, to the rest of my friends and family. You deserve it. 
By the way, that woman pictured above, was a hotdog vendor at Wrigley Field in 1945, the last time the Cubs were in the World Series, which they lost. Wrigley Field is home to the 2016 World Champion Chicago Cubs.