Great Chance for Cricket Lovers to Enjoy Fantasy Cricket with own Fantasy Team

If you are passionate about cricket, you can add to that passion by playing fantasy cricket. Albeit a new strategy game, fantasy cricket fever is growing by leaps and bounds in India. It allows cricket enthusiasts to create their own team and enjoy winning a different sort.

Playing Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy cricket is a virtual strategy and team management game. It involves creating your own cricket team based on the actual games being played. There are many websites burgeoning across the internet that offer cricket lovers an opportunity to play fantasy cricket. It is important to be diligent enough and select a website that offers fair play.

So, how do you make your own cricket team for fantasy cricket? Once you find the right fantasy cricket website, register on it. Thereafter, you can check out the different leagues. Each league refers to an ongoing test, one-day, T20, domestic or club-level series. Choose the league you want to join. Then you can fetch your team.

Making Your Own Cricket Team

Great Chance for Cricket Lovers to Enjoy Fantasy Cricket with own Fantasy Team

In fantasy cricket, there are rules that you need to follow to make your own cricket team. Based on the league you want to participate in, the cricket players should be from both the teams. For instance, if India is playing against South Africa, your fantasy cricket team will comprise players from India and South Africa. The number of players that you can choose from one team is limited. Hence, you cannot choose all 11 players from a single team. Usually, it is a maximum of seven players from a team.

Using your knowledge about cricket, the different players, their current form and the pitch the match will be held on, you have to select players. All fantasy cricket websites give users credit points, and each player has a point price based on their performance, the real-life team they belong to and few factors. You have to use your acumen to ensure you get the best team within the allocated credit points.

Also, a fantasy cricket team should necessarily have a captain, vice captain, all rounder, wicket keeper, and a minimum of three batsmen and bowlers. Your team gets points based on the performance of each player in the actual game. The captain gets 2X while the vice captain gets 1.5X the points. Hence, it is important you select these two positions with care.

What Makes Fantasy Cricket Fun and Interesting

The whole idea of fantasy cricket is to give cricket lovers an avenue to test their knowledge about the game and individual players. You compete against other cricket lovers and if your team wins the maximum points, you stand a chance to win substantial amount of prize money.

This virtual game is about skill and strategy. Sometimes, choosing the best players may not a wise strategy and that is what you need to figure out when you create your ideal fantasy cricket team.

So, go ahead and join other cricket lovers to play fantasy cricket. Once you begin playing this virtual game, you will wonder why you never tried it before. It is fun, addictive and exciting.