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There are human rules of being, to increase productivity and performance. Have you ever thought about what’s required to function as a human being. Let’s face it, we live in an age of technology that’s moving so fast, all these things put there to make life easier for us. 

Somehow for some reason there seems to be more stress in the world. More health problems. People not being able to cope so much as they should, so what’s going on?

We can easily jump on the band wagon of blaming the technology if you like. Technology has always been here, think of Gutenberg’s press, widely regarded as the most important invention of the second millennium, the seminal event which ushered in the modern period of human history. 

It’s just happening faster nowadays. If we look at it, technology is not the problem, so long as you use it as your servant.

Let’s go back to when we first began, hundred and fifty thousand, two hundred thousand years ago. We’re really not much different to what humans were back then and there’s four rules, four basic things that need to be put into place to function, as a professional human being was designed to.

These four things are,

  • If you look at statistics, seventy percent of people nowadays do no exercise. We must move, we must exercise, because our lymph system doesn’t have a pump like the heart pumps blood around the body. To activate the lymph system, requires movement. The only exercise you really need, the most natural exercise you need is to walk and to do body weight exercises that activate the lymph system.

If you look at animals and more traditional cultures, the clues are there. That’s what they do, they walk most of the time and then they have quick bursts of running to either catch something or run away for something. If we incorporate that in our modern life in the form of lymphatic exercises of push up and squats and lymphatic leg raises, abdominal leg raises if you like. That is all you need to do for exercise.

  • Next we need to look at our diet, there’s so many diets out there, so many diets. If there was a diet that worked, there only be one, the one that worked. All we need to do is get back to basics. Nature gives us everything we need and if you really want the perfect weight loss system, here it is.

Eat real food, mainly plants. Eat only when you’re hungry and stop eating when you feel full. When you eat in this ma