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"Be the reason, someone's smile" A Patient's Word About Dr Faika Khan CEO of UrgenWay

"Be the reason, someone's smile" A Patient's Word About Dr Faika Khan CEO of UrgenWay

Dr. Walid talks about his experience at UrgentWay and wrote a brief overview of Dr. Faika Khan, founder of UrgentWay, walk-in medical clinic. Let’s see what he has to say.

Out of personal experience with Dr. Khan, I would promptly expect such a noble behavior and more from a character like Dr. Khan toward any person in need to her assistance regardless of his/her religion, color or ethnicity

Dr. Khan is a courage experienced professional physician, yet she is really an anger in all meetings of the word. Dr. Khan is not just talented in dealing with people, yet she knows how to capture the hearts of those she deals.

One evidence is the sincere comments one can read about her or her UrgentWay in her Facebook account. Dr. Khan gave a good human example like the one we narrated above. Dr. Khan gave a good practical example of applying values of mercy and humanity.

Moreover, Dr. Khan was very courageous, not just to waive her cost for the mother, but also to talk to Emaan Pharmacy to strongly ask to waive its cost for the medicine she prescribed to the mother. Thus both Dr. Khan, owner of the pharmacy and Mr. Muhammad gave another outstanding example of cooperation in mercy and lover to other. 

Thus for the sake of developing this community in leading a happy life, I strongly hope and call other fellow brothers and sisters, who deal with the community in all fields to try to set other good examples of mercy and love, as both Dr. Khan and Mr. Muhammad did.

As far we talk about Dr. Khan on this occasion, it is valuable to mention that UrgentWay walk-in clinic, under Dr. Khan management with its board-certified staff, opens 7 days a week to present a wide variety of services in its different location in Brooklyn: services that we cannot list all of such here.

However, examples of such services with top suppliers and high-end equipment, starts from the minute ones, as in various vaccination, STD counseling, cryosurgery, allergy test, to big ones as on-site X-ray and ultrasound test; to more specialized service, as in pediatric care and women health and wellness.

Moreover, UrgentWay provides Respiratory Fit Testing, Pre-employment Physical Exams, DNA tests and Blood work for required Titers, Tuberculin skin testing, immigration physical exams, DOT Physical, Medical Records and accident, and injury evaluation.