Ray Stasieczko en IT - Information Technology, beBee in English 29/11/2016 · 1 min de lectura · 1,8K

Emotional Collaboration

Emotional Collaboration “Emotional Collaboration”, transforms an IT Managed Services deliverable, into a mutual awareness of prevention. “

All service providers must prevent and quickly respond to their customers’ crises. The depth and severity of the crisis will most definitely be defined by the one in crisis – the customer. As service providers we completely understand it’s our proactive approach in prevention, which will define our value as a service provider. What if our customers felt as passionate about prevention as (we) their service providers felt? My answer to this question is this: When service providers understand the importance of customer selection, they will understand the meaning and more importantly the value of what I call - “Emotional Collaboration”

“Emotional Collaboration is when both the service provider and their customers are cohesive in their focus on prevention, in a