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Game of Thrones, The Imaging Channel Episode

Game of Thrones, The Imaging Channel Episode

Winter is coming. Over 80% of the customers in the Imaging Channels A3 kingdom are now ready to buy something different.

So, now the customers are getting ready to storm the Imaging Channel’s Castle.

Any King attempting to hang on to what is more beneficial to them over the customers living in their kingdom will be overrun.

The King of the Imaging Channel sitting on the A3 throne is facing its most significant threat. Its customers are saying more and more. I don’t need what you are selling me. I am going to buy from the #A4 Kingdom.

The Imaging Channel’s A3 King and its sales knights are approaching the skirmish line where they will find a new King from the A4 kingdom who allies with the A3’s kingdoms customers. As this battle rages, the A3 King quickly realizes that his A3 Kingdom is doomed and surrenders.

At the A4 King’s coronation, the new King said the following. We must fight for the customer and deliver what the customer wants remembering through all Suns and Moons. That all kingdoms face threats and sometimes we will have to fight our stubbornness as we too may become product-centric giving an invitation to a new King. 

Status Quo is the killer of all that will be invented don’t get stuck in status quo           Ray Stasieczko