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Staples buys DEX Imaging

Staples buys DEX Imaging  

Thanks for chatting with Staples. Yes, Sir, we can deliver the New A4 you bought online. How’s Tuesday? Can we bring it with your supply order? Yes, one more question can you pick up and dispose of my old copier? Yes, we can let's discuss that when we come out to perform your managed print assessment. Thanks again for choosing Staples. End of Chat For Now!! 

2019 is indeed starting with a bang. The Imaging Channel changed on Friday the 8th of February. Well, that’s what some will say. In reality, the Imaging Channel began changing the day its customers decided that printed pages were not nearly as relevant to them as those who sold them.

Many will say that DEX Imaging is foolish, they will say this will never work, we will hear the cries of shareholders over customers. All the things the old-way says to make them feel safe in their complacency.

Yes, I agree that DEX and Staples must execute, however, I also agree with the many, that DEX has the strategic abilities needed to perform. No one in the industry will question Doyle’s understanding of the industry.

Those who see this merger as a disaster more than likely are looking out the window of their dealership and trying to imagine how Staples would fit in their world. My friends, DEX Imaging like all diversification innovators has no intention of putting Staples in their world they intend to put the DEX deliverable in Staples world.

As you listen to the arguments of the legacy imaging channel, you will hear all the reason why Staples cannot be a copier dealer. This limited imagination is what holds back many in the industry. Too many are staying focused on trying to improve something instead of completely reinventing it. Too many are trying to deliver innovation through the rules and processes of the old way.  

Improvement nearly always is led from memories; reinvention leads from imaged vision. I am so, sick of hearing things like “let’s save the industry” or those distracting arguments of the paperless society. Yes, customers are printing less and less every day, and without a strategy, those whose sole deliverable is print equipment will find themselves struggling if they don’t modify their deliverable. However, people will continue to print for the foreseeable future, they just won’t print enough to maintain yesterday’s annuity model. Those who understand how to monetize and profit off the decline will win. 

Most reading this have more than likely watched my videos on the shift to A4, or, the videos on the reality that 85% of all A3 copiers could be so should be, replaced with A4 MFP’s. If not here’s a link to my YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCULKZDBCR1ozWXmu4Tob66A?view_as=subscriber

The alignment of customer expectations with print equipment and those who sell and service it will determine the customer's engagement. This merger between Staples and DEX Imaging will afford DEX the ability to deliver low volume A4 equipment in a much more realistic way and at a much lower cost.

Many dealers still cannot accept the realities of end-users sediment towards print equipment. Many dealers believe the end-users are the same whether the customers run 100k a month or 1k a month. This thinking is holding back their ability to innovate the deliverable. If 85% of all A3 MFP’S are producing less than 5k a month, in actuality there are millions of devices generating less than 3k a month. This low volume creates excellent opportunities to deliver and service these customers with a much lower cost. DEX Imaging just merged with a mechanism to accomplish that. 

This new business model will allow DEX/Staples to capitalize on each of their core competencies and bring to the market the best of the Pull-Economy and the Push-Economy.

Customers are determining and evaluating customer experience in the intersection between the digital and physical world's. As I said in a previous article DEX put a toll both in the intersection, and I believe they will get a great a pay-out as customers travel through it.

DEX isn't done I envision they will add IT Services, coming from another acquisition, they will expand the office products deliverable by acquiring dealers in that space, and I would not rule out Staples buying another V.C. Backed Mega-dealer, especially if the Doyle’s executive team stays in place. Some of the large Mega-dealers have leaders who are more than ready to exit.

So, don’t expect DEX/Staples to compete with you, based on the old rules. Everyone should expect them to write the new rules of competition. Of, course everyone should also expect another disruptive force to invade the Imaging Channel. I don’t think Office Depot will be left out of the fun.

Any time a market shifts the pain to those who fight for yesterday becomes overwhelming. Over the next couple of years, we will see many changes if you’re not ready, you should be prepared to retire. 

In Closing

“A company goes obsolete when they focus on delivering the past to the future instead of delivering the future to the present.”

Congratulations to both Staples and DEX Imaging

Ray Stasieczko

CEO/Co-Founder TEASRA, The Innovation Channel