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In a Nutshell - Signs of Great Leadership

My morning reading in my inbox reads: 5 signs of a Weak Manager and this is by Liz Ryan Contributor of Forbes Magazine.

I'm sure you may have come across this kind of managers once or maybe too often. Maybe, it may even be us right now.

Here's what I learnt from this reading and I believe you can too, in a nutshell :)

5 Signs of Weak Leaders

1. Plays the blame game. Looks for others to blame when something goes wrong in the team.

2. Doesn't seek opinion from team members. And if team members give their opinion, it is seen as over-riding his or her role as a manager and most times does snap back at the employee with an off-putting remark like "That's not your job".

Liz Ryan says, A weak manager reacts this way because they are afraid that a employee below them might have a better idea than they. 

3. Not capable of building trust with their team mates. They work through company policies and procedures. They don't listen to their team mates to think outside the box.

4. Use fear as a control mechanism. Tells team mates that they are at his or her pleasure and can be replaced anytime. This produces an environment that makes employees work with fear and may not always give their best.

5. Weak managers cannot afford to appear imperfect. They like to look flawless and will not admit that they have made a mistake. 

10 things true leaders do:

1. They actually listen to their team members.

2. They believe the best in people so they coach and mentor employees instead of threatening them with a poor performance review or dismissal. Leadership is about building people. I love how John C.Maxwell puts it, "Leaders become great, not because of their power but because of their ability to empower others".

3. They build trust in their employees to work alone without close supervision.  

4. They value the ideas of their team members and take their ideas and opinions into consideration.

5. They encourage and build their team mates.

6. Liz Ryan says, "They bring important issues to senior leadership to be dealt with. They are not afraid to broach sticky or politically-sensitive topics -- or maybe they are afraid, but they do it anyway".

7. They acknowledge gratitude and appreciation to their team mates for their effort.

8. They inspire their team members to do great things.

9. They hire staff who are smarter than them. Here's why you should hire people smarter than you.

10. Lastly, Liz Ryan says, "They lead through trust, rather than fear". Steven R.Covey, says it best: "Nothing is as fast as the speed of trust. Nothing as fulfilling as a relationship of trust. Nothing is as inspiring as an offering as trust. Nothing is as profitable as the economics of trust. Nothing has more influence than a reputation of trust".

To your success and growth.

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In a Nutshell - Signs of Great Leadership

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