Rebecca Iop in Making Money, Entrepreneurs, Finance Virtual Assistant • Virtual Office Consulting May 30, 2016 · 1 min read · +800

It Doesn't Take Money to Make Money


I saw a post recently where someone posted in those local Facebook pages that he needs someone to sponsor his business proposals.

So many of us have business ideas yet we are limited by our imagination to think creatively. We think it takes money to make money but if you read stories of successful people, most actually started with absolutely nothing. 

A certain expatriate man asked a Papua New Guinean guy, "How much does it take to start a business in Papua New Guinea?" the local answered back,” K10, 000.00”. The expatriate laughed and told him, "No, you need K2.00".

Wealth cannot create wealth. That is what's hindering so many of us to be wealthy. Robert Kiyosaki tells in his book #richdadpoordad that when he was starting in real estate, he never borrowed money. He used his education in accounting, salesmanship skills and law to buy property.

Look behind your backyard; are there things you need to sell to grow your investment? Maybe grow something or build or make something with your hands and sell. Wash a car, babysit, I could go on. Then use the profits to make bigger projects. Grow that money. Papa Sam calls it "Roll-over" or turn-over that money. Don’t use it. 

There are so many dangers of finding investors for your business ideas. One important thing you should know when finding partnerships or investors. You should be the major shareholder! Your investment in monetary value should be more than what the investors are contributing. 

So how do you grow your money? Start small and think big To your success and wealth

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