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It only takes

It only takesThank you April. Good bye and hello May. May we all experience a fruitfulness and bountifulness in all areas of our lives.


I purposely took a month off baking actively and paused on some of my financial goals to work on developing new habits. I realised if you need to accomplish things faster, you need to have "laser focus" and not multi-task.


One of the habits I have been working on was self-discipline. Pushing ourselves the extra mile even if we are tired. We make excuses for no time to read books, no time to exercise, no time to clean and organize the house but we have plenty of time to tell stories idlly at the buai market or surf on Facebook for hours.


It only takes 10 minutes to do a few stretches, cardio exercise, push-ups and planks, yoga or whatever you fancy. Only 10 minutes. Forget gym membership!

It takes less than a minute to make your bed. It takes less than 4 minutes to wash your dishes after you eat instead of piling it in the kitchen for others to do it.

It takes only 30 minutes to read a few pages a day of a book. Before you know it, you've completed a book in a month.

It's takes less than 5 minutes to pause and express gratitude and say thank you for the day before you head out the door or lie down to sleep.


Bet it took less than 3 minutes to read this post. 😉

Scientist are saying that it takes about 21 days to do something repeatedly before it sticks as a habit. Try it out this new month.

Sending you love, light, healing, blessings and positive vibes 💕💯 🆙🌺

Jerry Fletcher May 3, 2018 · #1

Great advice, Rebecca. It works...but you have to keep at it.