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Leaders and Public Speaking

When I talk about public speaking, most people I know cringe. I know public speaking is not everyone's cup of tea but we all need to learn this skill at one time in our life.

As professionals pursuing careers and even going into small business or self-employment, I see the need for individuals to take public speaking courses like Toastmasters or similar seminars and workshops on presentation and learn to speak in public or present in public.

As professionals, we will be called upon to present reports, do a sales pitch or do short presentations and trainings.

Whilst we have worked hard to be where we are, we need to show people who require information from us that we know what we are doing and be sellable with our ideas.

When you're presenting, be cautious of your body language. Your body speaks a thousand words to your audience. Fidgeting with your feet from left to right, not standing upright when presenting, putting your hands in your pockets can be distracting to the audience.

Using filler words like so, Ah, Um, makes the listener think you do not really know your content.

Words and sentences like, "as you all know", "so basically", sounds fad and is not business language.

When we are presenting to the audience, we are in fact selling ourselves, our knowledge, our ideas, our products and our self-image.

Learning public speaking skills not only builds your self-confidence. It helps you sound credible, look credible and people buy your ideas.

Your dressing, your appearance and your tone of voice and voice power are also important factors to consider when speaking in public.

Join a local Toastmasters club to learn more about public speaking to become a better leader and speaker. It is the safest place to make mistakes in your club setting, get evaluated by your peers and give and receive feedback, learn and become better then to make mistake in public without prior training.

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Leaders and Public Speaking

Rebecca Iop Mar 25, 2018 · #2

#1 WOW! Thank you so much for the advice Jerry. Appreciate the feedback. Blessings

Jerry Fletcher Mar 24, 2018 · #1

Rebecca, I'm a professional speaker keynoting on 3 continents. Your advice is solid. I honed my skills in advertising presentations and didn't know about Toastmasters until I'd turned pro. It is a superb training ground although I don't agree with all elements of the process. One piece of advice Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse Record, Record, Record and view or listen to the recording to Improve, Improve, Improve.

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